Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Simon and Garfunkel Moment

I had an exceptionally busy day today which doesn’t sound very different from any other day of life I guess; except for now, at 9.30pm, I am sitting at the computer feeling as though I’ve actually achieved a great deal in a single day.
I went to work; nothing special about that, granted – but I did manage to breeze through a million tasks that had been hanging over my head for forever and a day; all those little niggly things that you are going to go back and do, but never manage to.   I felt so damned good at the conclusion of my 3 pm meeting that I got up from the table, slung my bag over my shoulder and kept on walking out the door, through the car park and off home.  It was a thing of beauty.
Earlier in the day, the Squeeze had sent me a link to a manuscript competition.  I’d looked it over and thought ‘yeah; why not’ even though there is that tiny part of me that figures I’d have a better chance of lying on the ground, pouring petrol over myself and setting myself on fire; as opposed to winning.  Still, if nothing else, you must go through the motions; so I filled out the forms, joined up, wrote my proposal and sent it off; feeling pretty good about my day of achievement.
The Squeeze was off after work to have a “meeting” with the Harridan to discuss the new school, the requirement to up the hygiene levels at home and the possibility of the kid seeing someone to make sure all is okay in the head of teenager.   I’m not expert, but the no friends… the lack of hygiene…  staying here and seeing us as some sort of weird, pseudo friends adds up to alarm bells ringing in my head. 
And trust me; we are talking Notre Dame type bells they are peeling so loudly!  I mean I have mentioned on many; many occasions that I think his mother is a raving nut so it is not like there isn’t some history there.
I left him to prance off in his Moodle outfit, curls all primped; wondering what the hell he will have agreed to pay for by the time he gets back in the door.  Instead of bothering to worry about it, I grab my gear and head off to boxing, sans Squeeze.   He will be in late and aside from the fact that I am thoroughly enjoying it; I’m not missing a chance to get one up on him.
So off I go; the only woman in a gym full of boxing guys; a little nervous but with no idea why; I can do this!  And it was fantastic… Exhilarating!  I was almost humming Simon and Garfunkel's 'The Boxer' on the way out of the door; dripping sweat.
When the Squeeze got home, we had a brief discussion on the evening’s events and I masked my surprise that she hadn’t demanded his left lung, or testicle; but had instead, remained quite calm.  Calm for her is telling him only five times that he couldn’t care less about the kid and demanding he calls her, not the kid (yeah, well that would defeat the purpose of calling the kid and cutting her out of the picture!)
And then sitting here, I wondered just when it was that I ceased to care about what she says anyhow!  Oh yeah, that was last night, when the Squeeze made me sit and watch My Kitchen Rules and I instantly fell in hate with that bug-eyed bitch from Adelaide!!!

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