Friday, December 9, 2016

Last night....

Wow.  That's all I can say.  I saw my date again last night and he put up my dog bark control; fixed my letterbox and my front gate. To repay him, I cooked dinner and opened a bottle of champagne.

I feel like a school girl again. And believe me; it's been that long since I liked someone straight away.

Usually, I feel nothing much. After a month or two, I like them. After a few more; I'm there.  Hell; the Hunchback that I started this blog over took years!!

I was beginning to think that I had lost all feeling! (except for Sharpie lol)

Monday, December 5, 2016

I can't believe it's the 5th!!

It is Monday the 5th of December, 2016.  This blog has been going since 2010.

It's seen one live-in lover and not much else in the action department.  I've been out with guys; but they all seem "too" something (including the one that was 10 kilo heavier and had fungus fingers...)   It will be interesting to see where the new romance goes...  I like him; and that is a good start.

I guess I really am the serial monogamist!
Anyway; I digress....

Today I went to rehab where they think I'm almost finished in the healing deptartment. Well not to wax lyrical but so did the Neuro two years ago at the rehab place I was staying in!  He told me, I'd probably gone about as far as I was going to...  Yeah, well I'm 90% up on that.

They did give me some strategies to use (one being talk slower; giving myself time to work it out upstairs); I laughed.  I mean you can't talk fast your whole life and learn to speak slowly!  I'd rather not speak at all when in strange company!  I like the moments of silence.  Gives the other person a chance to speak...

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wow... Just wow...

The date went fantastic.   We went to Le Parisien for lunch, followed by a trip to Werribee Zoo; followed by my house to talk.  He didn't leave until a bout 7.30 (I'm guessing the time; I was too transfixed to know.)

He played it exactly right.  A kiss goodbye; and that was it.  Not all over me like a rash.
Oh; it was exactly right.

A date....

Yep.   I've got a date.   Again.

Wow; he must like me; brain damage (often you can't tell) and all.  What's worse (or better, depends on how you look at it...) is that I really like him too.

Still, it is early days yet; but it's just good to feel something.

Today we are going to a French restaurant for lunch, followed by a long walk.  I don't know where; I assume it will be picturesque!