Sunday, January 15, 2017

I'm tired! I need to go to bed early!!

Yesterday we went to the Mussel Festival!

By we, I mean Allan and I. We walked around all day which is funny if you think on it; since I'm allergic to seafood!  But there was plenty to eat and buy!  There were little stalls with everything you could imagine!  From oil to spices to clothes and knives! Being a knife aficionado, means buying them whether I have a million of them or not; and I couldn't go past chili infused oil!

We listened to music for a while but it was a Taylor Swift thing and so the band played her all day.

Being sick of the music and the fifteen year old's who knew every word and proceed to sing in the crowd, we left.  We walked up the road not really remembering where the car was but we figured it was on the main road....  We couldn't go past this little wine bar.  I called Ian and Renee, who we ran into at the festival, and they came up.  All was well until I dropped my chili oil  :(   It smashed and sent oil everywhere.

We gave them a ride home and stayed for dinner!

If I had to listen....

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Planning... A life!!!

Last night, Allan called in for a beer and tidied my roses.  It wasn’t planned; well not longer than half an hour!  He only stayed for one beer, partly because I mentioned that I was expecting my son lol.  He left and Dylan arrived.  I gave him some lunch to take home and something I had printed out for him… 
Then my daughter called via Facetime and walked us through her new house.  They haven’t got it how they want it yet but it is getting there…  I think they have made the right move because she looked blissfully happy.  I haven’t seen her look like that for a long time.
Tonight I have E and Renee coming for dinner.  All I have to do is put it on when I get home!  I prepared it this morning…  So a pork belly and wine night!  They don’t have a heap of friends either since they only moved here a bit before I did.  When we were in Sydney, we decided we would catch up once a week and so this is the first one.
Tomorrow, I have Dylan coming for tea; him being the only kid of mine left that is within a 20 mile radius….
Friday I am going out for dinner with Maxine, a cool dog owner.  We have been chatting every time we meet walking our dogs and so I thought I’d up the ante and ask her to dinner; seeing as how my friends are limited here!  It seems it is the case for her also because she jumped at the chance!  So we are doing dinner and some live music.
Then Saturday, I’ve got brunch with Allan…
I like him but last night he suggested he probably wouldn’t have liked the old Carol.  That shouldn’t phase me because I actually wasn’t that fond of her either.  It is hard work doing the depths of despair to the dizzying highs that was my life.  It was exhausting! I like the more even me; the one with a dog! (I wouldn’t have had a dog because the hair would make a mess) 
I wonder if he thinks I’ll become her again..? 
I won’t, but I wonder just the same!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Life.... Are we there yet..?

Well so far today I got up early and walked the dog.

I suspect he’s missing Ally like crazy who used to mollycoddle him no end… She couldn’t manage to be firm with him in a pink fit and she was home all the time; so he got affection all day.  I’m trying…  When I get home from work I park out the front, go in and get him and take him to the oval to run off a bit of steam. He’s been inside and out to the back yard all day.  It must drive him mad…  I’ve got a small back yard!

Of course I’ll have to do better than yesterday.  He zipped out the gate and ran all over the place. I was scared of the road but he just wouldn’t come… So I got in the car and opened the back door and slowly started driving off and he jumped in!  Tonight I'll position myself at the opening and make sure every hole is blocked off!

My days are taking on a routine.  When I get home from playing with the dog, I’ll clean up (which generally consists of vacuuming the dog hair in the rooms open to him); then I’ll do one thing…  Either clean windows, or fridge or some such thing.  At the rate I’m going it will look gleaming in no time! Then I’ll cook dinner and watch something!

Gone with the wind....

Sigh...   It's still the greatest movie ever made.

Back when video's and video stores were all the rage, I hired Gone With The Wind and the guy behind the counter said "lady, you've had it the last 9 times out of ten!  It's one of the movies I watch over and over...

Be still my beating heart...  Clark Gable was to die for.  
I say that in the way that I mention Hugh Jackman; from afar....

These days I have it in digital format so I don't have to do that embarrassing run to the video store!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Wow. Rude as!!

I think I'm kind of seeing this guy, but it isn't in stone; it relatively new.  In fact, I suggested we take our profiles down and he said no... (not like that, but it may as well been).  So I said fine; I'll leave mine up too.  Don't blame me if a Hugh Jackman comes along in the mean time!!  (I am a double for Deborra-Lee Furness...  Mind you, it couldn't be Vivian Lee or someone equally as beautiful but I'll take Debra.  I mean she snagged Hugh Jackman!)

So the next day, I get someone else contact me.  I figure what the heck... I left for Sydney not long after so there is no time to meet. But I liked him.

Anyway, I got back from Sydney last week and the first guy came for lunch on Saturday and stayed until after dinner.  We got along great and so I asked him straight out; but he said he's not seeing anyone else.  On that note, I contacted the other guy and said I'm sick...  Ok.  This is awkward.  I'd better think...

But then the second guy reads my blog and sees that I've seen this first guy.

Well... Suffice to say when he sent me email 3 or 4 that said "you look pretty old and weathered and sly too boot and I can see fungus on you..." well I had had it by then!