Sunday, April 28, 2013


I’m still alive and I haven’t forgotten my blog.  In fact I could have written endless posts, because the Harridan is the gift that just keeps on giving…  However, I have spent the last month on a holiday in Perth with my children, followed by three weeks of moving.

It has been horrendous.  Nothing fits.  There were no blinds.  My phone reception is non-existent.  There are still boxes around; ironing to be done; pictures leaning against walls – not hanging on them.  The internet hasn’t been relocated as yet and I have been in Hell at work, so reluctant to post there.
And throughout it all, I have had screaming, crying, swearing fights with the Moodle.

Every day since moving, has been a war.  Hell, since moving?  Try while moving.  The Harridan has argued we should have the Kid while we are moving.  No chance in Hell that was happening.   Then it was the week after moving…  Ummm yeah, sure.   I took a week off to move so that I could baby sit her kid.  It would be a joy to just push him off a sofa to put stuff away!  Get stuffed!

I reminded him that we were to start in May – when she moved back to Velvet land… but no.  Then we argued again over last week.  Weird…  Is it May yet?  No actually, it’s not.  I put my foot down and told him if she was busy in Velvet land moving, he could bugger off and stay at her place with the kid.  The witch would be in Velvet land, I’d be here in the world of Clean.  Everyone happy.  Including the Harridan who successfully fobbed the kid off and yet still managed to hold on to the maintenance.
But then it was “you can have him this weekend…”


I felt like screaming!   It’s HER kid.   Not mine. 

We have him all week!  So she doesn’t even want to see her own child on weekends?   Because that’s not going to work!  I sucked up the weekdays so that the weekends were mine.  All of them.  Every single damned one of them.  And I was never caving.  Never.  Let alone on the first weekend!  I have family!  I have friends!  I want and need ME time!

And in her usual “bottom feeder motherhood style”, she instructed the Kid to send a text to say he was staying home alone all weekend.  What sort of bitch does that to her kid?

Then the Squeeze called Kid 2 – who rushed over there with the girlfriend only to find the Harridan sitting there, like a crow spinning her tale of what a rotten father the Squeeze is.  Then the kid’s girlfriend (they say boys marry replicas of their mother – and I’m tipping that will be the case here) decides to call and give my Moodle partner a spray.  (Why not, it’s a free to kick zone).

So it is all about the poor Harridan; she needs time off!!!! 

And that was when I lost it.