Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Retirement… Holidays… Life…

Okay; the Squeeze and I seem to have settled into the realms of ‘normality’.

Strangely enough, this is by no means boring. 

My whole life can be summed up in an analogy…  I have lived in towers.  When things were ‘good’ I’m in the white tower.  I may have spent years climbing that tower before sitting down to rest with a glass of wine.  Then, looking at the walls that surrounded me, I would feel them closing in.  So I would set about destroying it…  Finally, when the tower turned to black rubble, I’d move on to create a new tower.  I have no idea why and I’m sure a good psychiatrist could work it out if I so desired, but what would be the point?  Here I am, in the white tower, in the sun, and there isn’t a cloud or storm in my mind.  I can’t feel a tsunami on the horizon or volcano about to erupt.

That isn’t to say that things are perfect and I’m skipping along the path in ruby slippers.   No, not by any stretch of the imagination.  The Squeeze is basically a slob who traipses the house dropping things at will.  Can’t pick anything up or put anything away.  Can’t shut a cupboard or a drawer to save his life!  His side of the bed looks as though a homeless guy has taken up residence…  [Luckily I had the sagacity to put him on the wall side of the bed, so at least this isn’t visible from the door]

And of course his basic slobbery clashes with my serial killer neatness; which should drive us both stark raving mad.  After all, I feel as though I’m whining nonstop to put things away; and of course, I am.  Frankly, I’m surprised that one of us hasn’t stabbed the other.

But there is even a tiny bit of enjoyment in this too.  He finds it amusing that I have to ensure the dual light switch in the bathroom is turned off correctly – so that the light and fan switch that sit side by side, are in the same position.  I find it endearing that every single white shirt he wears, needs to be soaked in napisan to get that drop of coffee or pasta sauce out.

The Harridan doesn’t step out of her box much anymore and when she does, the Squeeze appears to have “manned up” [mostly] and does a very good job of slapping her down…

The kid would benefit from a little bit of discipline, but at the end of the day, we each raise them differently.  At some stage he’ll make some friends and thumb his nose at coming every second weekend which will be pleasant for me and fantastic for him.  We have drama’s every so often with one of them, but there are six all up so that’s to be expected.

So what is this blog about?  Well I think I’ll be retiring for a while…
In September we are off to Greece and I won’t even be thinking about the blog!
Having said that, you never know what Tsunami is around the corner!!!