Classic Harridan Communiqué

The typical Harridan Communiqué is short; I am talking monosyllabic, bordering on caveman dialect.  I’m always amazed by this, given that she works at a school.  Text and email alike are written phonetically, as if written by a fourteen year old boy.
Then there is that ugly control freak side of her nature, where she actually believes that she has complete control over anything the Squeeze says/thinks/does/feels/pays for the kids.  And no matter what he does, it is never enough.
I have often been astounded by the list of outrageous demands she has issued but this particular gem was beyond even anything I could have imagined...

She obviously thinks the Squeeze is an utter moron.
Weird really, because he's actually quite intelligent.

And please note - the kid is 14 years old...
Poor little delicate flower was home from school sick and since he is a delicate flower, the Squeeze had to drive all the way to velvet land to pick him up.
Couldn't stay home on his own!
I especially love the "turn off all the power points" - what are they?  Five???



The Harridan's own special style of demand... abuse... lay on guilt... abuse... demand.   And all without the benefit of spell check, nor even common sense.

Instead of littering them in my blog, from here on in I'm going to load them into Classic Harridan Communique' 

If you are sitting at home reading my blog and bemoaning the existence of an ex, a quick browse through here will have you thanking your lucky stars!  Yes folks, there is always someone worse off.

And yes, there really is more of the mentally unstable...

And I'm sure I'll have a lot more to add; 
since this is only 3 days worth loaded in here so far.