Thursday, December 19, 2013

Not Under the Lilies…

It’s been a busy time.  Work is frantic, Christmas is fast approaching and there has been organising left, right and centre to enable me to have a whole two weeks of leave - starting tomorrow.  Needless to say, blog world has slunk to the back burner.

School holidays descended and I had the usual argument with the Squeeze around the “agreement”.  This time it was a debate about school holiday time and that it means we revert to our previous life; where we have the kid every second weekend.  I was quick to point out that I given up four nights a week and my sanity to ensure weekends and holidays are mine.  There was some too and fro debate on email before I sat went through the blog and old email and found the signed agreement.

Lucky I’m a project manager.  I document, and keep, everything.  And there was his scrawl on email.  Agreement to my terms…  Suck it up princess.

Now it’s not like I haven’t catered for some time over the holidays.  Up to two weeks is documented as ‘Moodle Madness’ where the Squeeze and Boy Wonder go off into the wild blue yonder to bond and more than likely, not wash.  Still, just because he hadn’t arranged anything, didn’t change my world or our agreement.  I may also have mentioned that you attract more bees with honey than vinegar, at which he just looked at me blankly.  My point… The kid has been a trouble making, rude little sod.  Of course I’m not going to suck up having him for one second more than I agreed to.  Do I look mad…?

This tale of course was about me pouring through my early blogs and that it was an amusing testament to life as the Brady Bunch; but since moving and having the kid through the week, the amusement had diminished and I had turned into a veritable shrew who hated this life.

So I decided that the girl and I would move out and that if we did it right, we could still date, but I wouldn’t have to put up with the plethora of outrageous Harridan demands and the fun stuff, like the kid wiping snot on the bedroom wall.

Since that decision, my life has been surprisingly relaxed!

Oh, the reference to the lilies… A girlfriend text me the other night to say: “no Facebook.  No Blog.  You’re not in the back yard under the lilies are you…?”   Which I found hellishingly funny!