Wednesday, July 27, 2016

No Problems Reaching the Mark!

I don't think I'll have any problems reaching the mark on my fitbit today.  Not that I usually do; but yesterday was so cold that I didn't even take the dog out!  The Squeeze and I went out into the wind (that was icy) just to have lunch; our coats done up so all you could see were out little faces! Then we came straight back home.  The Squeeze left after that; his teeth still chattering!

I usually go volunteering at the Gardens on a Wednesday morning but I had an appointment with a acupuncturist.  As I said to him, he was my second last option.  The last one was a hypnotist...

Still, I am hoping it will work, although I'm not seeing any improvement yet...  Let's face it, I'd circle three times and whack myself with a wet fish to be rid of this muscle tension!
I've had it for years and years!  The needle jabber may have worked it out for me.  I have shunts in my head that run down my neck.  I've had them about twenty years... Bingo.  That is the problem; and since it is a problem that I can't do without, I'm hoping he can help!

After that, it was home to walk the dog.  The sun was shining and I actually felt warm; considered (for a second) taking off my jacket!  So I walked until I felt my fitbit rumble on my wrist signalling 10000 steps and headed for home, via the supermarket.

The girl is staying with a friend tonight and the No. 2 son is coming for dinner.  I think I'll do Hokkien Noodles.  It is amazing; how cooking stuff is coming back to me.  Makes me think it wasn't gone for good; just sort of temporary.  Either that, or I'm learning to do it all over again!  I'm probably not as exciting as a cook, but most of the time there is only me and I'm on a diet!!

Oh yeah.  The diet is going well.  I've now lost 5.5 kilo.  I'm 10.5 kilo lighter than when I lived with the Squeeze.  I'm feeling good, well sort of.  :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How Sad :'(

I just heard that someone who was a very good friend to me at work, died on Friday.   God he could make you laugh and laugh!

It all feels so sad and useless.
It doesn't matter how much you have, or what you have in the end; death comes to us all.
Hope his wife is okay...

Andy; I hope there is an after life....


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday!! Yay!!!

Today I awoke feeling seedy; that was until my daughter-in-law gave me something to settle my stomach!  The Boy suggested we go to the You Yangs to walk the dogs.  He had his (named Narla) over for the night and she and Sharpie wear me out just watching them! (and they made a mess of my laundry!!!) so we watched television, starting with the footy.

So after my meds, we made breakfast and got ready...

It's been years since I went to the You Yangs.

So many in fact I couldn't remember when I'd gone last.  Probably with Mum and Dad at some stage.

It was freezing cold but trying to get a park was a laugh, so many people were there.  

They were bbq-ing and walking and dogs; and meandering along, someone would walk past and say hi!

We finished up (I did 7.8 kms according to my fitbit) having lunch at Lara and then I said goodbye and drove home.

I've been cleaning for about 2 hours; kinda makes me wonder why I said Sunday!  Yay!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Oh. It was great!!!

Well I'm back from my adventure to the city.  It was great; bustling with people from all walks of life.  I went to the Victoria Market and did my meat shopping which seemed kind of expensive until I put it away and realised that they gave me 6 porterhouse instead of two!  Oh well; its not like I won't eat them!

The Squeeze worked for the morning and then walked down there and we had lunch; sitting at the tables outside.  There is always a million people from a million different backgrounds there; so I get to watch all the differences with a grin.

We went home and watched Jaws as it was just too damned cold to do anything else.
Now that is a decent movie!  I don't care if it's old.  Aside from the hair cuts and pants that sat at the naval, it was great!

Then we went out for dinner with friends at this little Italian place and it was 'he who is the loudest, gets heard'.  We shared a dinner (dieting still).  Then we went on to the Flying Saucer Club and saw a band.  Linda was all I know; lol.  They did 80s music and I rocked in my seat and sung at the top of my voice every lyric to those Fleetwood Mac songs!

When it finished, off we went home (reluctantly) and jumped into bed.  Grrr and early start today! I had to be back in Geelong by 11 as I was meeting a girlfriend for brunch!

So now I'm basically killing time until the Boy and his Girl get here with the kids.  Oh... I'm not going to do any housework until they're gone!!!  The house should be clean by Monday!

Friday, July 22, 2016

When do I get to just veg out..?

It's pretty full on, this life.  I'm beginning to wonder when I ever found the time to go to work.  I must have slotted it in somewhere, but it's so busy and full now, I wonder when.

Last night I didn't sit down until 9 pm.  The night before, it was close to midnight.  I wonder how I'm going to cope with work!  My house needs a clean and the Boy, his woman and kids are coming tomorrow so I won't get to clean it until next week!

Today I got up and walked the dog.  My favourite walk is the cemetery and it was great today.  A wind was blowing everything; but not a cold one.  When its cold I feel the hackles on my neck rise!

So the sun was kind of out and I got lost reading grave stones as I passed.  I don't intend to be in a cemetery when I go.  People are remembered without a place.   My Dad for instance...  I constantly think of him.  Its got nothing to do with the pot at Mum's and his name there.  It is funny little things I remember.

I'm about to drive to Melbourne to meet the Squeeze (ex/on/ex/I don't know what) for lunch at the Victoria Market and tonight, we are going out for tea with friends and then to the Caravan Club.

I often wonder why I go out with him, but I think I know why now.  He and I are so much alike.  Just not exact replicas.  Our love of music combines us but its not 'the same'.  For example, I love Eminem.  He hates him.  But we both love Bob Dylan.  He loves Jazz; oh God I hate it with a passion.  So we love each other; we are just not 'in love'.  Its easy.

That's as near to working it out gets.  I could go out with other people, but I'd be pushing it to find someone I like as much as him.  So he wants to stay up there and me down here.  And when we are both working, when I get a job its going to be harder; but that weekend we see each other is fun.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Once Upon a Time!

Well Sharpie is great; no ill effects or worse for wear for having stitched his insides.  The worst part is, he doesn't learn.  Today I caught him with a bobby pin!  So news flash, I'm going to have to watch him like a hawk!  Last night I threw out a lot of his toys.  He had torn ears off rubber pigs and beaks off ducks; the vet said that not only did he get the needle, but a handful of colourful objects!

I came home yesterday and although it was a non drink night; opened a bottle.  Jeez; talk about deserving it.  The final bill, looking at me; mocking me!!! was 3k.  I thought about everything I could buy with that money!  At least I only had to pay 20% because in May, I got pet insurance!

I never thought I'd say it, but insurance people are getting a dud deal with me.   My brain, I'd only had wage insurance for a year or so; I guess they got 2k.  Now they are paying out about 6k a month and I have it for the next 3.5 years.  I've already had it for 1.5 years. The pet insurance I only had for 2 months!  My health insurance...  God knows what I have spent!  I worked out years ago if I paid it until death, and never claimed another thing, I'd still be in front!  Well each shunt is a titanium masterpiece worth a small car.  I've had about 20 of them I think.

So insurance aside, Sharpie slept from the minute I got him home yesterday.  I didn't have the heart to put him in the laundry so I left him on the sofa in the spare room, covered by a blanket.  Today he's back to his old self!

It was up early for the Botanic Gardens.  I put my hand up last week to make soup for our lunch.  3 people bring soup and a couple bring a selection of breads.  I made Cauliflower and Chorizo soup which is hearty and thick with a just a tiny after burn.  So I struggled in with it and dumped it in the kitchen and went outside to begin potting little plants, into bigger pots.  The morning flew by!

Then it was in for our lunch.  I met the apprentice gardener who is 'mature'; (she scammed lunch which was a.o.k. as there was tons!)  I really liked her and sat telling her about Sharpie and the needle and then went on with my brain operations.  She walked out saying I was a 'strong' woman, which made me laugh.

Little did she know that I wanted to die not so long ago! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

$3000 Thank you!!!

Sharpie swallowed a needle and cotton.  He swiped it off the table I had chucked there when I sewed a seam; and I saw him; chased him...  To no avail.  I'm exhausted.  So is he.  I was at the vet and the hospital, in another town, til late.  Then I had to go back and grab him today.  That is in between going to a job place and picking up my Mum from her hospital visit. (lol they both are suffering from having a general today...)

They weren't going to let me go without paying...  WTF?  Who has 4-6k lying around!  I had money in another account and moved it; but it didn't turn up today.  All I can say is thank God for the Squeeze!  I texted him and he put it on a visa card (which I don't have; not enough will power lol)

He's lying there feeling pretty crap.  So am I; thankful that he didn't have to have surgery! Only the camera down to fish it out.  Funny part is, they said that he had 5-6 toys in his stomach!  Obviously, you have the watch out for what you buy him to play with!!!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Being Sick Sucks!!!

Boy.  I don't remember being this sick for a long time.   Well not in the reality of the word; I've felt like shit but that was my brain... But I don't remember being actually 'sick' for an age!

It started on Friday with a feeling of queasiness.   Not so bad; just feeling off food and stuff which went well with the diet.  Saturday, I felt really sick and came home from dinner and went straight to bed.  Sunday; back to not so bad again - just queasy...  And today the same thing!

If I didn't know beyond a shadow, I'd think pregnancy!  But since about five or so years ago when I went to the doctor, I got blood work back and she said "honey, you're not going through change of life; you've GONE!"  Jeez, I thought; I missed it lol.

So....  the weight is going good.  The girl too.  I got home and got soup out for dinner and we've got the SES tonight so I won't feel like drinking which makes drinking for one night of week.  Sheez, that is better than I figured.

I can twist the truth to be what I want, but the reality is that I feel a lot better not drinking.  When I drink, the words struggle to come.  So; when I face the stark reality, I think I have to abandon it ninety percent of the time.  Just drink one night a week and then only a glass or two.

So up early today and took the dog for a walk.  There was some guy hanging around which made me suspicious so I kept him in my sights and stuck to the main road.

I found this little abandoned grave...  Which I though was sad but the upside is, someone had left flowers.
Emma Louisa Shepard age 4; someone thinks of you.
Even if the date was 1859, and I left to wonder who.

We ended up doing our walk and stopping for coffee at the Hub before walking home via the supermarket. It's eleven o'clock and I've already done 8000 steps; watch out Adam (who is my arch rival in fitbit world!) I was going to write that I feel good; lol, but I feel like crap.  I feel good about the weight loss and today, I've got a woman coming who is going to "get me back to work".  I'd be happy if she could do that!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

God I'm sick!

I didn't blog yesterday although I went out for dinner...   I came home at 8.30 and crawled straight into bed (not even having a shower and washing my make up off!!)

Today I feel better than yesterday, but still damned queasy!

The upside is, that I lost weight.  I was expecting a little gain today!  :)

Friday, July 15, 2016

Colac... "Folks are dumb where I come from..."

Today was a slice out of the boredom...

I had to take my Mother to Colac to visit an anaesthetist; Dr Wu.  She's going in for surgery on Monday to have something cut off someplace (details you don't need) and so the anaesthetist wanted to meet her and check her over; probably thinking she's getting up there!

So I get up early and walk the dog doing a short lap of the cemetery before I come home and get ready.  I decided that I would at least try to look nice.  After all, my mother mentioned to me the other day she hadn't seen me in a dress, or dressed up, since the whole brain thing began!  (read 'you look like a dog'...)  Well, that is a slight exaggeration but you get my drift.

So I put on pants and a long shirt, shoes and did my hair and make up.  That made me feel good, especially considering the 3 kilo I lost.  So I walked out the door with a spring in my step!  Mum arrived so we zoomed off down the highway!

We got to Colac and the day care centre in plenty of time; in fact there were still three before her so I sat in the waiting room, playing on my phone; catching up on Facebook etc.  Finally, they called her in so I waited again about half an hour and then she was back.

She decided we would go for lunch afterwards, to the pub, so I drove there and parked the car.  It was bloody freezing and I really wished I had of worn the 'dog' clothes; curse and rot my decision to look nice.  And what for?  Everyone there was ninety not out!!!

We ate as fast as we could and slunk off.  So much for the Colac region!

Driving home I got lost (as I do) and ended up in Corio which although scary, was fine.
The hospital called mum and we had to go to pathology in Geelong to get a test redone.
All in all a full day of nothing.  Sounds like every other day for me!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I Love That Show...!!!

Does it make me sound weird that I love Suits?  As far as television shows go, Suits is right up there!  The reason I'm so excited is because its finally back!  A new season.
They took an eon off!!  And now they're back...

Okay. That's enough of my Suits excitement.

Well my day....

I got up at 9 am...  I'll have to do something about that before the back to work girl gets me a job.  It's not as though I go to bed late or anything.  Last night I went to bed at 10 (because it was freaking cold) and I watched something on the ipad until 11.  Half an hour later it was lights out.  I guess now that I'm writing that, I'm thinking that is late!

Alright.  I'll go to bed at 10.30 tonight; lights out and see if that changes anything.
But I regress...

I rolled out of bed, cringing because it was so damned cold.   I let dogly out of the laundry where he gets excited to see me; which quickly turns into the game 'I can bite your socks while you're walking'.  I tried ignoring him but I think because I slept so late, he slept so late - that means he has energy to burn.

So I quickly threw on some clothes and began the day by walking him.  We went to the cemetery again; mainly because its that or walking him on the streets!

It is surprisingly peaceful, even the wind doesn't blow down your collar as it does when walking the streets.  We walked for miles and then I went across the road to this place called The Hub for coffee.  Its unexpectedly a good place for coffee; I only discovered it last week.

Its called The Hub because its a community rehab place.  When walking in this morning, I noticed a room full of mentally challenged people, doing art.  I would have loved to have gone in see what they had done but figured it would be frowned upon...  I'm not sure why.  (note to self: go in tomorrow!)  A couple of younger boys with paint brushes waved to me as I was tying up my dog (to a bike rack... not tying him up!) and I waved back and grinned.

I can't thing of who this woman is.  Two years ago I would have been either too self absorbed to notice them or two shy to wave back.  They sound at odds with one another.
I'm not sure how it works but that was what I was like...

The cafe had a bunch of old-timers who road their pushbikes there, so it was full of lycra.
That is one thing that hasn't changed about me.  I hated lycra before; I still do.  These idiots don't look in the mirror!  There is about 2% of the population can wear it, and believe me, no one in their sixties is in that 2%

So I finally got my coffee and headed out the door to collect Muttly and then rush home.

I was in the door five minutes when I had to rush out again.  I went in to see my doctor who always manages to make me smile.  Then it was home again where I sat at the computer wondering what to write on here...  So I took Dogly out again and walked the cemetery.  I'm sure they are beginning to wonder what the Hell I'm doing there twice in one day!

That, my friends; is my day.  Well the day so far!

Oh.  I almost forgot.  Diet is still going strong.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Working My Butt Off!!

Today I woke up to a pounding on my door at about 7 am.  It was the postal guy, come to deliver a parcel.  It was pouring with rain with a cold wind; he handed it to me and said "bloody cold out!"  As his coat was done up and the hood was on, I just nodded.  He left I locked the door and went back to bed thinking that there was no way I was going to go volunteer at the Geelong Botanic Gardens today!

I woke again at 8.30 and the sun was shinning, so I rushed out of bed, to the bathroom to begin the chore of getting ready!

I've been volunteering for a while now; Friends of the Gardens.  There is quite a group of us that go down there on a Wednesday morning and be as busy as bees.  We propagate plants and sell them.  Truth tell, there isn't much selling in this weather, but we are gearing up for the big plant sale in a couple of weeks!

Then I went home and collected the dog, pausing to do a quick inspection to check he hadn't done any damage it as he has 90% of the time I dare to go off and leave him.

It's as if he thinks "huh! I'll teach you to leave me alone!!" the swine.  He really is cute for such a damned dog.

He didn't do anything today; maybe it was too cold.  The wind and the hail adds to the experience!   I live in hope but scarce, that he has outgrown it...

I loaded him in the car and off I went down to the waterfront and parked the car.  The waterfront... Sounds nice huh?  And it is, if you don't think about the wind and hail that I got pelted with!

When I got back in the car, I wanted to stop at the supermarket and just pulled up when my phone rang.  It was a 'back to work' person; a woman from my insurance company.  I genuinely want to get into a job.  Meet people!  Here I am and I only have one friend down this way and she's sick at the moment!

After about a half hour on the phone, I think she was impressed.   And there in lies the problem...  People think because I have half a brain in my head that I'm cured.  I see it as half a brain in my head.  Thoughts scattered about the floor.  Try to concentrate on things and my mind goes off on a tangent - which I explained to her.  I think she understood!  So she's coming Monday and we will see what happens, if she can find me something or at least point me in the right direction! As I said to her, working is going to make my brain improve even more!

The exciting news is I did get on the scales today.  And I lost again....

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I Wonder What its Like to be Dead...

Okay I walked the dog.  In fact, I did 7773 steps and exhausted him.  He is only a pup, after all.

We started off turning left from the driveway...  I've been going right lately because there is a vicious bull like dog that is allowed a free run of the street to terrorise every so often.  It gave me heart attack last time; I felt like bawling.  I nearly strangled Sharpie because I was coming home from the supermarket when he struck, (my dog on lead!) all the bags went flying!  So I was basically pulling him up and choking him!  Swinging him around by the lead.  But that's another story...

So I started off by turning left (warily) and went down a couple of roads to the post box and posted a letter.  I so rarely have to post anything anymore, but I want a copy of my old tax records and after an hour on the phone with some girl from the tax department, she said they can give them to me but only by post.  WTF?  I had to fill out a form and post it.  I bet they send me the wrong thing but hey, I tried.

Anyway, I had no rhyme or reason after that.  Hours to kill.  I've nothing to to today, which is funny really.  Rehab have basically abandoned me to my own devices because I'm getting better (read getting!!).  So with nothing to do, my wallet in my coat, I posted the letter then walked up to the cemetery.

I walk through the cemetery a lot these days.  It is surprising how calming it is.

Before my brain damage, I don't think I would have had the patients to read about Charlotte Who-sa-ma-what who died at sixteen and wonder what she died of.

My daughter is working there so I stop to say hi.

Even before she worked there, I used to walk the stones like a Jane Austin book with the back drop of the Moors.

The first burial was of a man named Hugh Niven in 1839.  It's obviously seen quite a bit of action since then; the names coming and going out of fashion.

The various sections of it were overseen by the main churches and each had there own gravediggers!! Many of Geelong's original vanguards who settled in the Western District, are buried there.  In fact, the Eastern Cemetery was one of the only places that had consecrated ground, just to ward off the odd vampire!

I am always amazed how big it is; this is a really huge cemetery.  And beautiful, in a macabre way.  It was today with the wind howling so much that my scarf was flinging about.  My hair kept blowing in the my face and I could hardly see. The plastic flowers were blowing about in the wind and the bins had whirled over only to be scattered on the lawns.  In the old section, there are people there that were buried back in the 1800's and I wonder if they have any relatives visit them still, probably not.

That makes me sad; which has a domino effect.  I wonder if they are watching; or somehow looking at us from some plain and then suddenly, I'm thinking of my Dad. Wondering if he is watching us.  I suspect not, because if it were possible to watch and contact from beyond, I'd like to think that Dad would have subtly let me know he was there; if not now, then certainly when I was a halfwit the year before last!

We didn't have my Dad buried in a cemetery.  Instead, we decided we would buy a great big olive tree and a pot with his ashes in and have it positioned in my Mum's yard.  I expect Mum's ashes will go with him when its time and I'd like a tablespoon of mine to go in there, before they throw me off Urquharts Bluff.

I don't feel like he's there; but I think it would be nice if all of us, had a tablespoon of our ashes in that pot.

Woo hoo!!!

Well I got on the scales this morning. I've lost weight! Yay!!!!!  Okay .5 kilo.  It's not a huge amount but the way I'm feeling, any loss is a good one!  I haven't even been hungry yet. 

I'm still in bed. I can hear the wind howling outside; it's eerie today and I don't want to get up...  The rain has started which kills my walking the dog.  I would have gone with the wind, but rain....

Still; I guess the world awaits!
Hell.  I might just walk the dog after all...  

Ok... That's all I've got for the pre 'get out of bed'...  

Monday, July 11, 2016

A Life. Not Beautiful, but Serivceable...

Last week I decided an 'overhaul' was needed, because hey, life was going to pass me by in a haze if I didn't watch out.

You probably wonder just what the term an 'overhaul' means.

It means I was going to go on a diet.  Dress better.  Wear makeup all the time, not just when forced to.  Attempt to get a job if I could figure out just what the Hell I want to do (read can do).  Take up yoga; and belly dancing!

Instead, here we are.  Monday again.  The same old routine.

I got up, took the dog for a walk (I crossed off 7000 steps yay).  Came home and mowed the lawn (first bit of sun I've seen for days).  Started cleaning (I haven't finished; stopping to blog); and through it all, not a scrap of makeup on.  My hair isn't done; choosing instead to pull it back into a pony tale (unbrushed).  I'm wearing jeans and a tshirt and my runners (boy, move over Charlize Theron!)

I have SES volunteering tonight.  Come Hell or high water, I'll go shower and put make up on if it kills me!!!

I nearly forgot the most important part!!!  I am still on a diet!!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Weekend One - Down!

Well I made it through the weekend without making an absolute pig of myself :)

It started out well actually...

I met up with old work friends on Friday night, which was great.  I had wondered if I was going to be forgotten now that I didn't work there anymore; and worse, I moved away and I'm retarded lol.  It had been a while since I saw any of them and I think they were surprised at how good I am.

We all sat around their trendy house in Collingwood chewing the fat (without chewing any fat..) and laughing our heads off.  I should say that most of them no longer work there and the two that did, were talking about getting out.

I didn't drink alcohol.   I didn't eat pizza.   I didn't have chips or dip.   I had my bottle of water and just a hint of food which was fabulous, considering it was bought after about fifteen minutes of argument over which takeaway to get!

So the first night down; without busting it wide open.

Then Saturday the Squeeze (yes... he's back) and I went out for breaky.  Instead of going for the bacon and eggs as I usually would, we got the Avacado Smash.  It was yummy! And even better, we got one serve and two plates.  A few weeks back, being heartily sick of the huge meals on offer, the Squeeze and I decided that from here on in, we were going to order one serve and get two plates.  We haven't been wrong yet...

Then we were off out for the night to the Caravan Club to see an ACDC rip off, which were probably very good if you like that sort of thing.  I did let my hair down a bit.  I had three glasses of red and Chinese for dinner but I figure a diet that there is no room to move, is destined to fail.

I've been on target today.  I had an omelette shared with the Squeeze followed by a quick kiss goodbye and zooming back down the highway.  I stopped in at the waterfront at Geelong and walked the dog figuring I'd be more likely to do a long walk there than at home!  And, got a laugh when I saw a guy I knew from Melbourne down for the weekend!

So.   Week 1 is a.o.k.

I'm off to make soup!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Diet time. I hate this. :)

Well the diet has started.

I weighed in this morning and I only ate diet food yesterday.  Last night, I made this yummy chicken soup which had lots of chilli and vegetables in it!

Still, it's not yesterday's I'm worried about...  Things are good when I'm here by myself or with the girl.  Tonight, I have to drive to Melbourne and get together with a bunch of people I used to work with.  They all saw sense and left...

But we are going up there.  We'll order pizza and drink wine and chew the fat so to speak!

I'm going to look great turning up there with my vita wheats and soda water lol

Right now, I'm going to walk the dog though!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Shit that is sharp!!!

Well when I last blogged, I was told that I'd never be as sharp as I once was...

Cruel words.  Hard to swallow.  And trust me, there are difficulties!  But I'm getting better, slowly. Now my brain works as well as it ever did, if you don't think short term memory is any great consolation.  Even that is slowly coming back.  I can get around it by writing things down.

Last year my brain, sigh, could remember nothing.  If you sent me off to the supermarket to get five things without writing them down; I'd get there and be wondering what I was doing there.  Now I don't have to write a list and I actually remember the things I went there for!

Where I used to type as fast as I thought, now I'm struggling along (which is still a million times faster than most of the human race...)  But the trouble is, 1.5 years in, that rehab is starting to think I am fixed.  Yep!; and I'm staring at my memories across the floor and can't for the life of me see why they can't see it.  I wish I'd lost a leg or something because at least then they would think "hear comes hoppy!"  Instead, they don't see a brain trauma.

I decided to start writing again on my blog.  Mainly because I need to go on a diet (and my daughter is coming along for the ride!)  I am fatter than I have ever been....  I'm hanging about the house; so I don't dress up.  I don't wear makeup unless going somewhere, I don't wear jewellery and to be honest, everything is too hard.

I realise now that I am one of people that I would raise my eyebrows at.  A slacker... Self esteem issues. Whatever!

WTF???  That is not me!  I'm conceited!
So I'm about to document our journey!!

Get out of my way!  I'm coming out!  (but not in a lesbian way :) )