Thursday, July 7, 2016

Shit that is sharp!!!

Well when I last blogged, I was told that I'd never be as sharp as I once was...

Cruel words.  Hard to swallow.  And trust me, there are difficulties!  But I'm getting better, slowly. Now my brain works as well as it ever did, if you don't think short term memory is any great consolation.  Even that is slowly coming back.  I can get around it by writing things down.

Last year my brain, sigh, could remember nothing.  If you sent me off to the supermarket to get five things without writing them down; I'd get there and be wondering what I was doing there.  Now I don't have to write a list and I actually remember the things I went there for!

Where I used to type as fast as I thought, now I'm struggling along (which is still a million times faster than most of the human race...)  But the trouble is, 1.5 years in, that rehab is starting to think I am fixed.  Yep!; and I'm staring at my memories across the floor and can't for the life of me see why they can't see it.  I wish I'd lost a leg or something because at least then they would think "hear comes hoppy!"  Instead, they don't see a brain trauma.

I decided to start writing again on my blog.  Mainly because I need to go on a diet (and my daughter is coming along for the ride!)  I am fatter than I have ever been....  I'm hanging about the house; so I don't dress up.  I don't wear makeup unless going somewhere, I don't wear jewellery and to be honest, everything is too hard.

I realise now that I am one of people that I would raise my eyebrows at.  A slacker... Self esteem issues. Whatever!

WTF???  That is not me!  I'm conceited!
So I'm about to document our journey!!

Get out of my way!  I'm coming out!  (but not in a lesbian way :) )

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