Wednesday, July 27, 2016

No Problems Reaching the Mark!

I don't think I'll have any problems reaching the mark on my fitbit today.  Not that I usually do; but yesterday was so cold that I didn't even take the dog out!  The Squeeze and I went out into the wind (that was icy) just to have lunch; our coats done up so all you could see were out little faces! Then we came straight back home.  The Squeeze left after that; his teeth still chattering!

I usually go volunteering at the Gardens on a Wednesday morning but I had an appointment with a acupuncturist.  As I said to him, he was my second last option.  The last one was a hypnotist...

Still, I am hoping it will work, although I'm not seeing any improvement yet...  Let's face it, I'd circle three times and whack myself with a wet fish to be rid of this muscle tension!
I've had it for years and years!  The needle jabber may have worked it out for me.  I have shunts in my head that run down my neck.  I've had them about twenty years... Bingo.  That is the problem; and since it is a problem that I can't do without, I'm hoping he can help!

After that, it was home to walk the dog.  The sun was shining and I actually felt warm; considered (for a second) taking off my jacket!  So I walked until I felt my fitbit rumble on my wrist signalling 10000 steps and headed for home, via the supermarket.

The girl is staying with a friend tonight and the No. 2 son is coming for dinner.  I think I'll do Hokkien Noodles.  It is amazing; how cooking stuff is coming back to me.  Makes me think it wasn't gone for good; just sort of temporary.  Either that, or I'm learning to do it all over again!  I'm probably not as exciting as a cook, but most of the time there is only me and I'm on a diet!!

Oh yeah.  The diet is going well.  I've now lost 5.5 kilo.  I'm 10.5 kilo lighter than when I lived with the Squeeze.  I'm feeling good, well sort of.  :)

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