Monday, August 1, 2016

Let Me go to WORK!!!

Alright.  The year before last I had a full time job.  I was a Project Manager for Victoria's largest health service.  No slouch for a job really...  Then I made the mistake of having brain surgery in my own hospital....  I did my research for crying out loud!  1.5 years later I'm unemployed; I have a dicky brain; I've moved house...

Oh; did I neglect to say I love it..?

I guess most people who are suffering from a brain hiccup (read 'injury') don't think it did them a favour.  I do; and I'm going to tell you why.

1.  I'm a nicer person...  Two years ago I was a wild wriggly line in the mood department; steep wriggles!  Now, i'm barely a movement on the line of moods, I'm so even.  So, I'm a nicer person.

2.  Two years ago I didn't have a house.  I moved to Geelong to be with my family and fell in love with a house that my sister sent to me on  I walked in to the open for inspection and loved it; I bought it there and then.  I moved into it on December 20.  I still love it; even if there are things I would change (like the windows....)

The only thing that hasn't come to fruition is a job...  But that seems to move closer; albeit, slowly.

Today I had to go to Centrelink. I had a 'work assessment' appointment there; and the girl was wonderful!  We laughed and I explained my whole sorry saga!  But I repeatedly have the same issue.  They think I'm cured and I think I'm a moron.

Which is it?

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