Friday, August 5, 2016

Ahhh! I'm tired!

Well today has been a wasted day.  What's new I hear you ask?  My life is a wasted life!

Today I dragged myself out of bed at 7.15, ran around like a wild thing and took the dog to the pamper place... lol he smells fabulous!  Got his nails trimmed (because he won't let me do it) and thought I may as well pay for him to be shampoo'd and blow dried!

Came home and vacuumed the floors and stripped my bed before I went back and grabbed him at 9.30.  I just about pushed him out of the car with barely it slowing!  I ran him in, took off his lead and ran out the door.  Off to the acupuncturist...

I think it might be working; although I did say to him he was the second last person on my list.  The last one was a hypnotist.  Let's face it, I would do anything to be free of my muscles screaming in my neck.  It's strange, because I no longer feel stress.  Zip;  nada!
But my body does obviously!  I've been four times so far to lie there with needles sticking in me (including my head!!)

This was followed by a leisurely drive home where I grabbed the dog and back out in the car.  I text a friend of mine and said I was walking the dog if he wanted to join me so he turned up as I was doing coffee at Sailors Rest (what a fabulous place!)

I left there and went to Bunnings and bought a heap of lillie bulbs, came home and planted them.  Then took the dog for another short walk and how I'm home.  Yay!

I close the doors and curtains...  Block out the world!!

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