Friday, August 26, 2016

Yawn worthy life...

My yawn worthy life continues.

I haven't heard about a job.  I'm losing weight; albeit slowly; but still losing...  I've still got no man I could be crazy about and I couldn't deal with one anyhow.  My house is immaculately clean although the backyard leaves a lot to be desired thanks to Sharpie.

We are doing it up; puppy proofing the lawn.  God, that dog has cost me a fortune!  Puppy proofing the lawn has cost me about eight hundred dollars so far.  I had to get wire and soil and then more grass.  What for?  He only poops on it!  So I have to go clean it up!
Don't even start me on the 3.5k I had to pay to get them to extract a needle and thread from his belly!

So I have decided if my life is to spice up, I'm going to have to do the spicing!

I am going to get my hair cut short today.  Really short!

I bought a new dress and a cardigan today in anticipation of getting a job...  I'm going to the football tomorrow to see the mighty cats play the last home game of the season.  Go Cats!!!  Then finals start and the Footy Tipping concludes, which I won.   I can't believe it.
The closest is 6 behind me so I would basically have to royally fuck up!  Brain damaged and I still beat them all!  I couldn't do it when my brain was in tact. lol

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