Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday! House work day!

Last night I went for dinner at my brother's and sister-in-law.  She had spent all day on the house; which sparkled!  So today, I've cleaned. Well I'm nearly done; waiting for the floors to dry so I can get cleaning products from the bench over there to do the bathroom with!

I put it off.  My niece stayed last night too, so off we went this morning to take the dog for a shampoo and blow dry; then we went for a walk and ended with breakfast at Sailor's Rest.

Then I took her home...

I love my niece in law.  She's great.  Her husband left her; or she left him after discovering he was having an affair.  This caused her to lose weight like there is no tomorrow and he took most of the friends. (They sound kind of sucky so that isn't any great loss if you ask me!)  Anyway, in discussing it, she said "I would make a fantastic Private Investigator!!"


Then I remebered I wanted to get a business up years ago.  I think I still have the logo's for it I designed!  The Vensus Trap (and it had a venus fly trap in it... lol).

I'm going to do a little investigation about getting it up!  Doing a course!  I don't need an interesting life!   I'll just live vicariously through my clients!

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