Thursday, August 18, 2016

Leaps and bounds...

Today I moved forward in leaps and bounds.

Martha, the girl from my insurance company who is helping me get a job, came with me to the doctors.   I felt a little strange taking her there and when she asked me if she could come, I cringed on the inside.  Still, aside from a little cringing; it went fantastic.

I go month after month and take all my forms but never actually ask anything.

She did.  She asked if there were any private practice places that dealt in cognitive issues and if there were, could I get a referral.  She talked about my being of higher intelligence (lol got them fooled!).  Went through my last job and my CV.  She was great.  Then she followed up by coming home with me and helping me to update my LinkedIn.

I understand that she wants to get me off insurance and working again; I think it would be great for me....  But I also said what if it fails.

She won't let me fail.
I think she is on my side.

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