Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ahhhh Men!

Today I had to get up early for Church.  My niece had her 1st holy communion.  I don't think I've been to church since I moved away from this place.  I don't go now simply because I don't understand it...   You live.  You die.  There is a bunch of stuff that happens to you in between; most of it bad.   So what?

So I checked my facebook after my sister checked us in.  My friend Anni wrote "are you bored?"  Then we continued a bit of "Praise the Lord!" and "Jesus" which made the time go quickly.

So we all went back to my niece's house for afternoon tea; or kind of a lunch time tea lol.  Then it was off home!

I decided that the weather is beautiful so I would take Sharpie to the waterfront.  We walked, stopped for a coffee and Quigley rang "where are you???"  So when he turned up, we had a little snack and went home.

I plan on doing nothing until I have to cook a roast!  Then I'll clean up and do nothing again!

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