Saturday, August 6, 2016


I'm exhausted again.  It's 4.30pm!  I've done a bit today but still!!

I started off getting up at 8.30 and took Sharpie down to the beach for a walk (read the bay, as opposed to the beach!)  We got down to Sailors Rest and stopped for coffee; where upon Tom called and came down for coffee.  Then we walked the dog down to the promenade (me chickening out and not walking him on it; the sign said so) but Tom, rule breaker, walked him otlandishly on it.  We were down near my car then but I walked Tom back and then back to my car.

I'd done 8000 steps by 11.

I went home and Quigley called.  He was being a nancy.  "I've got a cold. I'm full of mucus!" [read shit]  :)  so I told him to suit himself whether he came down today or tomorrow and went into town to meet my sister and her hubby.  We shopped (I got a great jumper and a coat) and then we went for a late lunch.

I got home about 3.  I've already had a shower; washed my hair and got some eye fillet out to have for dinner.  I'll be in bed early tonight!

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