Thursday, August 25, 2016

Well the wish hasn't happened yet!!

Yesterday I was hoping something would change...   For the better!  To describe my life at the moment would be to say it is mundane... Dull... Uneventful! Wasted!!!

I described it to a tee in my blog yesterday.  I really do get out of bed, walk Sharpie; have coffee; do some housework and cook... That sums it up exactly.
Even my cooking is boring!  (It's hard not to be; I'm on a diet!)

I started thinking about it this morning.
Perhaps I'm so tired all the time because I am bored..?

I'm not stupid.  I know that you get tired with an ABI; but I'm exhausted!  I mean the file cabinet in my head has fallen over; it's lying there on the ground.  All the cards are messed up!  No more is there a neatness to them.  No alphabetical order and words or thoughts just leaping out of my mouth at will.  I shouldn't have to be fatigued all the time too.  That's really unfair!

So I'm not deluding myself when I say that perhaps my brain will expand to fit work in...

I mean I'm sure I'll be tired for the first month or two but I would if I had been on holiday for the last 1.9 years too.  As a way to combat some of it, I'm going to start getting up and going to bed at work times next week.  Just through the week...  As if I had a job already.

I can do something in that time.

Paul, my acupuncturist, said that people who have an acquired brain injury should learn something.  Something different like another language.  Apparently if you spend 15 minutes a day learning, it creates different paths in the brain. After he said that I went and bought the book French for Dummies (it came with a CD too!) and so I drive around listening to French.

Okay, the daughter laughed her ass off when she jumped in the car today!  But it's my brain!  And I can do what I want with it!

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