Thursday, August 24, 2017

Ow!! What the....???

Okay... When I left you last time, I was embarking on oxygen therapy in a hyperbaric chamber...  Sounds like I've got the bends; I know.  But all of my research shows it has benefits, potentially huge benefits!  So off I go down to Pakington Street to this little shop that has only been in business for eleven weeks and jump into a Pod...

I settle back with my phone and just lay there for an hour, ears popping as it goes through the motions and then again, at the end.   It's very relaxing, sort of an enforced easing of life!

I've been two times now.  The first time it was wonderful. I felt like everything inside me had woken up; I had a spring in my step for crying out loud!  I'm not sure what my brain was doing.  I didn't care but if it was repairing, well and good!

So I went back for a second session.

Ouch!!!  Now it feels like everything that was hurting but masked by medication has woken up!  My back is killing me!  My neck is too!  I'm walking slow, like an old person!!!

Well, I don't know what is going on but I'm not giving up just yet!  I made another appointment for Monday...  It is almost amusing, seeing what will happen next!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Months Roll On...

I'm not sure what I though a brain damaged life would be like; but this sure isn't it.

That isn't to say it's awful; or that I'm a halfwit and don't know my own mind.  At 2.5 years in, I am about 80%-90% back.   Hell, I can even type; probably at the rate of a mere mortal...   It's that last bloody 10-20% that isn't coming as easily as I'd like!

So I hunt for the next idea (or fad).  Anything to be myself!  Bring the old me back!  I'm even doing oxygen therapy in a hyperbaric chamber at the moment because some neurosurgeon in the states, cured a little girl's brain damage.  Of course she was under five and he saw her straight after she drowned... Not fifty something and two and a half years down the track.

And when I think of it, I wonder... Do I seriously want the old me back..?  That up and down personality that was on fire one minute; depressed five seconds later...  That person that disliked anything bigger than a snail or smaller than an elephant; because they would leave a mess in my beautiful, streamlined, so clean you could eat off the floor, house? That person that could never save because there was always something I wanted; that I couldn't live without!

I've been given the rare opportunity to reinvent myself.

Better than that, because I get to reinvent myself with a house; a dog named Sharpie and in my home town.

Life is good.