Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Months Roll On...

I'm not sure what I though a brain damaged life would be like; but this sure isn't it.

That isn't to say it's awful; or that I'm a halfwit and don't know my own mind.  At 2.5 years in, I am about 80%-90% back.   Hell, I can even type; probably at the rate of a mere mortal...   It's that last bloody 10-20% that isn't coming as easily as I'd like!

So I hunt for the next idea (or fad).  Anything to be myself!  Bring the old me back!  I'm even doing oxygen therapy in a hyperbaric chamber at the moment because some neurosurgeon in the states, cured a little girl's brain damage.  Of course she was under five and he saw her straight after she drowned... Not fifty something and two and a half years down the track.

And when I think of it, I wonder... Do I seriously want the old me back..?  That up and down personality that was on fire one minute; depressed five seconds later...  That person that disliked anything bigger than a snail or smaller than an elephant; because they would leave a mess in my beautiful, streamlined, so clean you could eat off the floor, house? That person that could never save because there was always something I wanted; that I couldn't live without!

I've been given the rare opportunity to reinvent myself.

Better than that, because I get to reinvent myself with a house; a dog named Sharpie and in my home town.

Life is good.

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