Saturday, August 20, 2016

Wow. That was a waste of 6 Years...

Well I have to dump the Moodle again.  Why?  Because his son is turning Muslim in anticipation of a wedding.  I'd have liked to go, being that damned Moodle's partner!

Instead, I got an email that said:

"Saturday i've got breakfast with zen - don't know where don't know when then some time sat is the nikka thing - don't know where don't know when and it's direct family only sorry."

Oookkaay!  "direct family only".
I thought it was 6 years!
That makes me direct family!

But I decided that it is one of two thing.  Either he doesn't love me enough to make a fuss; or the wimp was brow beaten into dumping me.

Both of those things are bloody unattractive.

I deserve better. Even if I'm on my own; I'm tipping I would feel better.

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