Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Your hair!!! It looks great!

Well I got my hair done the other day.  Cut short.  Hmm, I must admit, some of the comments I've had makes me wonder why it took me so long!  Admittedly, it's harder to do.  I was getting used to scraping it all back in one pony tail; but its worth the extra work.
Use of the hair dryer and the straightener works!

Today, I got up early and went to my job finding place for a course on "finding a job".  I always feel a tad out of it.  They are a bunch of strange ducks!!!

One of the guys there has no teeth, but things he says are amusing !  Two of the women don't want to work; one (who I like) because she is about 10 seconds off retirement so no one's going to hire her and the other because she has a work cover claim against Coles.  In effect, she's never going to get hired.  Then you have the guy who came in today; didn't say much so I don't have an opinion.  There are two young guys.  One sits with his back to the group and ignores us for the most part; the other loses his cool and shouts a lot until he's ordered out.  Great.

The girl that I like is, or was, a nursing sister.  I am, or was, a project manager.  The others have for the most part, never worked or worked stacking shelves.  It is funny really because the guy with no teeth seems quite intelligent.  Makes me wonder what makes them all tick...

Then I came home; walked the dog.  Now I'll cook myself dinner, keeping it simple but nice because tomorrow I'm starting the month long potato diet.... (don't ask... Look instead)

And then I'll watch a movie before bed.  I'll probably watch it in bed!  I just remebered that I have no remote!  Stupid Sharpy chewed the remote and one of the books from my cabinet today!

Life just keeps on keeping on.

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