Tuesday, July 19, 2016

$3000 Thank you!!!

Sharpie swallowed a needle and cotton.  He swiped it off the table I had chucked there when I sewed a seam; and I saw him; chased him...  To no avail.  I'm exhausted.  So is he.  I was at the vet and the hospital, in another town, til late.  Then I had to go back and grab him today.  That is in between going to a job place and picking up my Mum from her hospital visit. (lol they both are suffering from having a general today...)

They weren't going to let me go without paying...  WTF?  Who has 4-6k lying around!  I had money in another account and moved it; but it didn't turn up today.  All I can say is thank God for the Squeeze!  I texted him and he put it on a visa card (which I don't have; not enough will power lol)

He's lying there feeling pretty crap.  So am I; thankful that he didn't have to have surgery! Only the camera down to fish it out.  Funny part is, they said that he had 5-6 toys in his stomach!  Obviously, you have the watch out for what you buy him to play with!!!

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