Sunday, July 10, 2016

Weekend One - Down!

Well I made it through the weekend without making an absolute pig of myself :)

It started out well actually...

I met up with old work friends on Friday night, which was great.  I had wondered if I was going to be forgotten now that I didn't work there anymore; and worse, I moved away and I'm retarded lol.  It had been a while since I saw any of them and I think they were surprised at how good I am.

We all sat around their trendy house in Collingwood chewing the fat (without chewing any fat..) and laughing our heads off.  I should say that most of them no longer work there and the two that did, were talking about getting out.

I didn't drink alcohol.   I didn't eat pizza.   I didn't have chips or dip.   I had my bottle of water and just a hint of food which was fabulous, considering it was bought after about fifteen minutes of argument over which takeaway to get!

So the first night down; without busting it wide open.

Then Saturday the Squeeze (yes... he's back) and I went out for breaky.  Instead of going for the bacon and eggs as I usually would, we got the Avacado Smash.  It was yummy! And even better, we got one serve and two plates.  A few weeks back, being heartily sick of the huge meals on offer, the Squeeze and I decided that from here on in, we were going to order one serve and get two plates.  We haven't been wrong yet...

Then we were off out for the night to the Caravan Club to see an ACDC rip off, which were probably very good if you like that sort of thing.  I did let my hair down a bit.  I had three glasses of red and Chinese for dinner but I figure a diet that there is no room to move, is destined to fail.

I've been on target today.  I had an omelette shared with the Squeeze followed by a quick kiss goodbye and zooming back down the highway.  I stopped in at the waterfront at Geelong and walked the dog figuring I'd be more likely to do a long walk there than at home!  And, got a laugh when I saw a guy I knew from Melbourne down for the weekend!

So.   Week 1 is a.o.k.

I'm off to make soup!

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