Monday, July 11, 2016

A Life. Not Beautiful, but Serivceable...

Last week I decided an 'overhaul' was needed, because hey, life was going to pass me by in a haze if I didn't watch out.

You probably wonder just what the term an 'overhaul' means.

It means I was going to go on a diet.  Dress better.  Wear makeup all the time, not just when forced to.  Attempt to get a job if I could figure out just what the Hell I want to do (read can do).  Take up yoga; and belly dancing!

Instead, here we are.  Monday again.  The same old routine.

I got up, took the dog for a walk (I crossed off 7000 steps yay).  Came home and mowed the lawn (first bit of sun I've seen for days).  Started cleaning (I haven't finished; stopping to blog); and through it all, not a scrap of makeup on.  My hair isn't done; choosing instead to pull it back into a pony tale (unbrushed).  I'm wearing jeans and a tshirt and my runners (boy, move over Charlize Theron!)

I have SES volunteering tonight.  Come Hell or high water, I'll go shower and put make up on if it kills me!!!

I nearly forgot the most important part!!!  I am still on a diet!!

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