Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Working My Butt Off!!

Today I woke up to a pounding on my door at about 7 am.  It was the postal guy, come to deliver a parcel.  It was pouring with rain with a cold wind; he handed it to me and said "bloody cold out!"  As his coat was done up and the hood was on, I just nodded.  He left I locked the door and went back to bed thinking that there was no way I was going to go volunteer at the Geelong Botanic Gardens today!

I woke again at 8.30 and the sun was shinning, so I rushed out of bed, to the bathroom to begin the chore of getting ready!

I've been volunteering for a while now; Friends of the Gardens.  There is quite a group of us that go down there on a Wednesday morning and be as busy as bees.  We propagate plants and sell them.  Truth tell, there isn't much selling in this weather, but we are gearing up for the big plant sale in a couple of weeks!

Then I went home and collected the dog, pausing to do a quick inspection to check he hadn't done any damage it as he has 90% of the time I dare to go off and leave him.

It's as if he thinks "huh! I'll teach you to leave me alone!!" the swine.  He really is cute for such a damned dog.

He didn't do anything today; maybe it was too cold.  The wind and the hail adds to the experience!   I live in hope but scarce, that he has outgrown it...

I loaded him in the car and off I went down to the waterfront and parked the car.  The waterfront... Sounds nice huh?  And it is, if you don't think about the wind and hail that I got pelted with!

When I got back in the car, I wanted to stop at the supermarket and just pulled up when my phone rang.  It was a 'back to work' person; a woman from my insurance company.  I genuinely want to get into a job.  Meet people!  Here I am and I only have one friend down this way and she's sick at the moment!

After about a half hour on the phone, I think she was impressed.   And there in lies the problem...  People think because I have half a brain in my head that I'm cured.  I see it as half a brain in my head.  Thoughts scattered about the floor.  Try to concentrate on things and my mind goes off on a tangent - which I explained to her.  I think she understood!  So she's coming Monday and we will see what happens, if she can find me something or at least point me in the right direction! As I said to her, working is going to make my brain improve even more!

The exciting news is I did get on the scales today.  And I lost again....

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