Thursday, July 14, 2016

I Love That Show...!!!

Does it make me sound weird that I love Suits?  As far as television shows go, Suits is right up there!  The reason I'm so excited is because its finally back!  A new season.
They took an eon off!!  And now they're back...

Okay. That's enough of my Suits excitement.

Well my day....

I got up at 9 am...  I'll have to do something about that before the back to work girl gets me a job.  It's not as though I go to bed late or anything.  Last night I went to bed at 10 (because it was freaking cold) and I watched something on the ipad until 11.  Half an hour later it was lights out.  I guess now that I'm writing that, I'm thinking that is late!

Alright.  I'll go to bed at 10.30 tonight; lights out and see if that changes anything.
But I regress...

I rolled out of bed, cringing because it was so damned cold.   I let dogly out of the laundry where he gets excited to see me; which quickly turns into the game 'I can bite your socks while you're walking'.  I tried ignoring him but I think because I slept so late, he slept so late - that means he has energy to burn.

So I quickly threw on some clothes and began the day by walking him.  We went to the cemetery again; mainly because its that or walking him on the streets!

It is surprisingly peaceful, even the wind doesn't blow down your collar as it does when walking the streets.  We walked for miles and then I went across the road to this place called The Hub for coffee.  Its unexpectedly a good place for coffee; I only discovered it last week.

Its called The Hub because its a community rehab place.  When walking in this morning, I noticed a room full of mentally challenged people, doing art.  I would have loved to have gone in see what they had done but figured it would be frowned upon...  I'm not sure why.  (note to self: go in tomorrow!)  A couple of younger boys with paint brushes waved to me as I was tying up my dog (to a bike rack... not tying him up!) and I waved back and grinned.

I can't thing of who this woman is.  Two years ago I would have been either too self absorbed to notice them or two shy to wave back.  They sound at odds with one another.
I'm not sure how it works but that was what I was like...

The cafe had a bunch of old-timers who road their pushbikes there, so it was full of lycra.
That is one thing that hasn't changed about me.  I hated lycra before; I still do.  These idiots don't look in the mirror!  There is about 2% of the population can wear it, and believe me, no one in their sixties is in that 2%

So I finally got my coffee and headed out the door to collect Muttly and then rush home.

I was in the door five minutes when I had to rush out again.  I went in to see my doctor who always manages to make me smile.  Then it was home again where I sat at the computer wondering what to write on here...  So I took Dogly out again and walked the cemetery.  I'm sure they are beginning to wonder what the Hell I'm doing there twice in one day!

That, my friends; is my day.  Well the day so far!

Oh.  I almost forgot.  Diet is still going strong.

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