Friday, July 15, 2016

Colac... "Folks are dumb where I come from..."

Today was a slice out of the boredom...

I had to take my Mother to Colac to visit an anaesthetist; Dr Wu.  She's going in for surgery on Monday to have something cut off someplace (details you don't need) and so the anaesthetist wanted to meet her and check her over; probably thinking she's getting up there!

So I get up early and walk the dog doing a short lap of the cemetery before I come home and get ready.  I decided that I would at least try to look nice.  After all, my mother mentioned to me the other day she hadn't seen me in a dress, or dressed up, since the whole brain thing began!  (read 'you look like a dog'...)  Well, that is a slight exaggeration but you get my drift.

So I put on pants and a long shirt, shoes and did my hair and make up.  That made me feel good, especially considering the 3 kilo I lost.  So I walked out the door with a spring in my step!  Mum arrived so we zoomed off down the highway!

We got to Colac and the day care centre in plenty of time; in fact there were still three before her so I sat in the waiting room, playing on my phone; catching up on Facebook etc.  Finally, they called her in so I waited again about half an hour and then she was back.

She decided we would go for lunch afterwards, to the pub, so I drove there and parked the car.  It was bloody freezing and I really wished I had of worn the 'dog' clothes; curse and rot my decision to look nice.  And what for?  Everyone there was ninety not out!!!

We ate as fast as we could and slunk off.  So much for the Colac region!

Driving home I got lost (as I do) and ended up in Corio which although scary, was fine.
The hospital called mum and we had to go to pathology in Geelong to get a test redone.
All in all a full day of nothing.  Sounds like every other day for me!!!!

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