Saturday, July 23, 2016

Oh. It was great!!!

Well I'm back from my adventure to the city.  It was great; bustling with people from all walks of life.  I went to the Victoria Market and did my meat shopping which seemed kind of expensive until I put it away and realised that they gave me 6 porterhouse instead of two!  Oh well; its not like I won't eat them!

The Squeeze worked for the morning and then walked down there and we had lunch; sitting at the tables outside.  There is always a million people from a million different backgrounds there; so I get to watch all the differences with a grin.

We went home and watched Jaws as it was just too damned cold to do anything else.
Now that is a decent movie!  I don't care if it's old.  Aside from the hair cuts and pants that sat at the naval, it was great!

Then we went out for dinner with friends at this little Italian place and it was 'he who is the loudest, gets heard'.  We shared a dinner (dieting still).  Then we went on to the Flying Saucer Club and saw a band.  Linda was all I know; lol.  They did 80s music and I rocked in my seat and sung at the top of my voice every lyric to those Fleetwood Mac songs!

When it finished, off we went home (reluctantly) and jumped into bed.  Grrr and early start today! I had to be back in Geelong by 11 as I was meeting a girlfriend for brunch!

So now I'm basically killing time until the Boy and his Girl get here with the kids.  Oh... I'm not going to do any housework until they're gone!!!  The house should be clean by Monday!

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