Monday, July 18, 2016

Being Sick Sucks!!!

Boy.  I don't remember being this sick for a long time.   Well not in the reality of the word; I've felt like shit but that was my brain... But I don't remember being actually 'sick' for an age!

It started on Friday with a feeling of queasiness.   Not so bad; just feeling off food and stuff which went well with the diet.  Saturday, I felt really sick and came home from dinner and went straight to bed.  Sunday; back to not so bad again - just queasy...  And today the same thing!

If I didn't know beyond a shadow, I'd think pregnancy!  But since about five or so years ago when I went to the doctor, I got blood work back and she said "honey, you're not going through change of life; you've GONE!"  Jeez, I thought; I missed it lol.

So....  the weight is going good.  The girl too.  I got home and got soup out for dinner and we've got the SES tonight so I won't feel like drinking which makes drinking for one night of week.  Sheez, that is better than I figured.

I can twist the truth to be what I want, but the reality is that I feel a lot better not drinking.  When I drink, the words struggle to come.  So; when I face the stark reality, I think I have to abandon it ninety percent of the time.  Just drink one night a week and then only a glass or two.

So up early today and took the dog for a walk.  There was some guy hanging around which made me suspicious so I kept him in my sights and stuck to the main road.

I found this little abandoned grave...  Which I though was sad but the upside is, someone had left flowers.
Emma Louisa Shepard age 4; someone thinks of you.
Even if the date was 1859, and I left to wonder who.

We ended up doing our walk and stopping for coffee at the Hub before walking home via the supermarket. It's eleven o'clock and I've already done 8000 steps; watch out Adam (who is my arch rival in fitbit world!) I was going to write that I feel good; lol, but I feel like crap.  I feel good about the weight loss and today, I've got a woman coming who is going to "get me back to work".  I'd be happy if she could do that!

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