Friday, July 22, 2016

When do I get to just veg out..?

It's pretty full on, this life.  I'm beginning to wonder when I ever found the time to go to work.  I must have slotted it in somewhere, but it's so busy and full now, I wonder when.

Last night I didn't sit down until 9 pm.  The night before, it was close to midnight.  I wonder how I'm going to cope with work!  My house needs a clean and the Boy, his woman and kids are coming tomorrow so I won't get to clean it until next week!

Today I got up and walked the dog.  My favourite walk is the cemetery and it was great today.  A wind was blowing everything; but not a cold one.  When its cold I feel the hackles on my neck rise!

So the sun was kind of out and I got lost reading grave stones as I passed.  I don't intend to be in a cemetery when I go.  People are remembered without a place.   My Dad for instance...  I constantly think of him.  Its got nothing to do with the pot at Mum's and his name there.  It is funny little things I remember.

I'm about to drive to Melbourne to meet the Squeeze (ex/on/ex/I don't know what) for lunch at the Victoria Market and tonight, we are going out for tea with friends and then to the Caravan Club.

I often wonder why I go out with him, but I think I know why now.  He and I are so much alike.  Just not exact replicas.  Our love of music combines us but its not 'the same'.  For example, I love Eminem.  He hates him.  But we both love Bob Dylan.  He loves Jazz; oh God I hate it with a passion.  So we love each other; we are just not 'in love'.  Its easy.

That's as near to working it out gets.  I could go out with other people, but I'd be pushing it to find someone I like as much as him.  So he wants to stay up there and me down here.  And when we are both working, when I get a job its going to be harder; but that weekend we see each other is fun.

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