Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday!! Yay!!!

Today I awoke feeling seedy; that was until my daughter-in-law gave me something to settle my stomach!  The Boy suggested we go to the You Yangs to walk the dogs.  He had his (named Narla) over for the night and she and Sharpie wear me out just watching them! (and they made a mess of my laundry!!!) so we watched television, starting with the footy.

So after my meds, we made breakfast and got ready...

It's been years since I went to the You Yangs.

So many in fact I couldn't remember when I'd gone last.  Probably with Mum and Dad at some stage.

It was freezing cold but trying to get a park was a laugh, so many people were there.  

They were bbq-ing and walking and dogs; and meandering along, someone would walk past and say hi!

We finished up (I did 7.8 kms according to my fitbit) having lunch at Lara and then I said goodbye and drove home.

I've been cleaning for about 2 hours; kinda makes me wonder why I said Sunday!  Yay!!!

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