Monday, January 9, 2012

There, There; Poor Bunny…

The Squeeze had the snuffles all weekend.  The only break in the sniffle fest was the odd heart-wrenching sigh that punctuated his ‘through the mouth /blocked nose’ breathing.
I don’t care what arguments they put forward, men wouldn’t be able to handled child birth.  If they suddenly found themselves in a strange world where they were the ones giving birth to a 10lb baby without so much as a panadol; procreation would halt…  And there goes the human race.
Today he is off sick.  I’m tipping he will be off tomorrow too.
I probably shouldn’t laugh but he makes it so damned easy to!  And let’s face it; although I successfully managed to fight the cold off on Saturday, it isn’t like there aren’t germs being spread all over the house awaiting me at every turn.  And if I’m snuffling by Wednesday, I have no doubt that he will be reminding me of my words.
Of course if I did happen to wake tomorrow to a stuffed head, you can bet your arse he won’t hear a word of complaint out of me!

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