Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Sucks

Yesterday on my "wagging" day, I awoke with a headache that escalated as the day went on.  Although I shoved handfuls of pain killers down my throat, it seems that when I get a migraine they only allow me to drop one level into sleep.  I'm aware of everything around me and most especially the dull throb in my head.
I suffered through the day and even managed to cook a huge roast with all the trimmings including apple pie for dessert.  Kid 1 on my side and his fiancé left at 4am for the Queensland coast and a new job so the girl and Kid 3 with his girl all came to dinner.  It was a nice night filled with banter (why do they always gang up and pick on the youngest???)
I wagged again today after the 4am wave off and teary goodbye which is when I realised this headache wasn’t going anywhere.  This is annoying in the extreme as a couple of sick days in a row means I have to slink off to the doctors and get a certificate (I mean I'm a professional woman working in a professional industry - I know if I have a migraine or not yet must in some way prove it, quite ridiculous really)  I weighed the day off with having to go off to the doctors with the fact that I could get all those little things out of the way...  Make sure I'm stocked up on prescription stuff that I may need.
So I set my alarm this morning; drag up through the grogginess and call to make the appointment only to discover they are on leave!  Great!

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