Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You Can’t Please Them All

I was humbled the other day! I finally received a comment.  A real one!  As a general rule, I don’t get much in the way of comments; mainly because I guess most people are smart enough to understand the concept of ‘tongue in cheek’ or venting and find the blog relatively amusing.  If they don’t I’m in trouble since amusement was what I was aiming for…
When I think about it, it probably would have been prudent to understand my audience a little better and make sure I put in all the warnings and/or disclaimers required.  I mean there was always going to be a stream of vitriolic ex wives that would be outraged over my words.
And of course they are outraged!  If my ex-sister-in-law the ‘fat, brown toothed hag’ came across this site she would be hurtling religious hell down on me; forgetting of course, that her religion was nowhere to be found while she was humping a school teacher behind my brothers back and then dragging him through hell because things didn’t work out for her.  Does that make me sound bitter..?  I’m not of course, for my brother is married to a beautiful gal who loves champagne and our family and treats him like the gem that he is.  The ex wife is fat, old and alone. 
Anyhow, I thought since people may stop in and read one or two posts and then decide that they know the spin on the world, maybe I should correct or argue some of the points on the single paragraph I received this week.
And let’s face it, I have been scratching for something to vent on lately so it was a breath of fresh air when some idiot ex wife calling herself Anonymous sends me waspish words about how bitter I am and how I will ‘blight my life and the lives of those around me’ (please… is this religious hell raining down on me..?)
So let’s cover off the comment of ‘leave the finances to your partner’?  Ummm no; in the modern era women have the right to understand the finances that make up their households.  It is not open slather on the ex-husbands wallet just because he once married and it didn’t work out.  Why should it be?  Why is the ex-husband not entitled to make a new life for himself? 
Under the heading of financials, I suppose I should put in the tent.  It obviously upset Anonymous no end since she demanded we should ‘let her have the “damned tent”.’
Well thanks for your infinite wisdom Ms Anonymous but theft is theft in my world.  The tent was purchased years after the marriage was legally ended.  He didn’t lend it to her; she took it from Kid 1 without permission and then refused to give it back to him; then lied about it.  Why should he “let her have the damned tent”? 
I’m going to go off the cuff here and say that I just don’t get ex-wives that think the next partner should sit down, shut up, and have no say…  As if they still control the world.  Why should I have no say?  These things impact on my life as well as that of the Squeeze.  If she is too lazy to wash the kid’s clothes; then I have to do it because I’m not letting the poor kid walk around looking filthy.  She steals the tent and there go any camping holidays for us; unless we purchase a new tent.  How I ask, is this rational or reasonable?  In anyone’s language!
The single shining light within the one paragraph (other than leaving me wonder just what the hell Accidental Google was and why I haven’t stumbled across it before) was the fact that fifteen minutes a day that equates to my blog, represents to this fruit cake that I am “consumed with bitterness” and that “the terrible negativity of it stuck with me for days”…
WTF?  My make believe world of blogging stuck with some idiot for days!  Now that is bloody amusing but I would suggest that this would signify to anonymous, that maybe it is time to shut off the computer and go outside and play…  Find a real life…
And maybe remember; it's my blog and I can vent if I want to  ;)


  1. I just had to comment. This blog is just great. I love how entertaining it is and I look forward to reading it. I am a fellow stepmom who is 100% full time. It ain't easy and hearing your spin on your situation entertains me and gives me a chuckle. Thank you and keep it up! :)

  2. Why thank you stepmom! When I saw I had received another comment; my first thought was "if this is bad, I'm going to remove the ability to leave a comment and add a message to say - this is my platform to vent!!!!" :-)
    Just had a quick browse of your blog and am looking forward to reading it this evening!

  3. I have only written a couple quite some time ago. I haven't had the strength to write as we're still in the thick of it all. Reading others helps me get through it. Especially yours. :)


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