Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Inevitable

As expected, the Harridan was due to fly in today.  She hadn’t even landed before the orders were sent and the Moodle had dusted off his ball and circus outfit.  This reads better with THIS music going in the background…..  “Pick up kid from airport.”  Well; either she is sick to death of him and awaiting a bit of her own space or she has been forced into normality and now it’s time to head for the land of carpet for a weekend… 
I have no doubt she is up for a bit of "her" time but hell, I like more than one hour notice to have the kid for the weekend, given I’ve had to jump through hoops to find a place for us to take a week off and spend time the week after next – now that we don't have a tent.  But this perfectly planned weekend, using their standard planning of zip organisation and thought means I'm questioning what the hell the kid is doing tomorrow – because in case they all missed it, I’m home and I'm certainly not baby sitting a fourteen year old for the day - I'd rather be staked to an ants nest!  I’m not stupid enough to have had kids when I was too fricking old.  I’m 8 years younger than this pair of dinosaurs and all mine are adults and doing their own thing – so I’m sure as hell not babysitting one on her command.  It is their problem; so work it and don’t include me.
My irritation level went through the roof.  This bitch didn’t even have the common decency to discuss a change of school with him.   Hell, she still hasn’t even told him the kid is changing schools – even though he is due to start in a couple of weeks!   And yet one text and the Moodle is running to do her bidding.
Why doesn't he understand that if he snapped her off a few times, then she would learn that she had to play fair???

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