Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Little Things

When I talk about romance, I’m not saying that I need to receive a large box of roses weekly, or even monthly.  It’s not about hearts and flowers and professing undying love – in fact those things can get boring.
I’m talking about those little things in life that make your relationship, romantic.  Out of the blue, unrequested/undemanded tiny actions of affection that let the other person know that you are thinking of them.
For one of my ex-husbands, this was calling past my car on his way home from work and leaving a cute handwritten note under the windscreen wiper, or bringing me home a bunch of handpicked flowers – completely unprovoked and unexpected.
Today, the Squeeze moved into this group of ardent romantics.
Quite unexpectedly and completely unprovoked, just to let me know that he was thinking of me, I received a text message.  Just a single word really; in fact a shortening of a single word.
Lez.  Which was short for lezzo.
Oh be still my beating heart!

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