Sunday, January 15, 2012

My World in One Day

I’m following Steve Kilbey on Twitter and he left an interesting tweet that said “my world in one day”.  Of course I read it; there is nothing this guy writes that I wouldn’t read and love; hell, I’d probably swoon over his shopping list. 
My day wasn’t nearly as exciting.  I didn’t even think about “creating”.  I didn’t write a word, other than to blog; I didn’t paint (and wouldn’t know where to start)…  And I didn’t write a song or play an instrument.  The Squeeze played guitar throughout the morning as is his want to do; which is actually very relaxing.  I keep thinking I will buy a piano at some stage…
So I didn’t do anything even remotely creative.  Instead, we awoke, showered and then took the kid off to Chadstone for the last of his Christmas shopping.  As per yesterday’s jaunt to the market, this consists of walking the various aisles to the sound of the kid saying “can I have this..?”; “can I have that?”.   
Of course the fool that I live with makes this worse for himself, for example todays stupid act of the week “If I found a good cheap flat screen, I’d get it for you…” -  Ummm no you fricking won’t.  We are not buying a flat screen for the Harridan’s house.  The day that happens is the day the idiot I live with is single again.  What a fool…  Mind you, the Harridan doesn’t believe in technology so there is zip over that side of town; no wonder he overdoes over here.
Anyhow, today I decided to compete so the whole way around Chadstone (which was as brief a trip as I could get away with…  I am the one not wanting to go [the man]; the Squeeze is the one in shopping heaven [the woman].  So the whole way around I chanted “can I get a bracelet from Tiffany’s?” and I teamed this with the odd tug to his t-shirt.  I think the kid got the drift although in saying that, in his head the idiot Squeeze basically promised him a flat screen.
While shopping, I did manage to ensure that caught up in those gifts was another wash bag with anti-dandruff shampoo, deodorant, pimple cream, teeth cleaning implements etc.  Not sure how much of a workout they will get but I can only do what I can do.  I did manage to point out that where I went to school; yesterday’s head of hair would have opened him up to bullying and ridicule.  I wasn’t joking; you can only stamp it out so much and you actually do have to help yourself to avoid it.
Then the cricket was booming out from the television (thanks; my weekend is truly in turmoil now) and just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, Kid 1 arrived to take him to the soccer and I was left in blissful utter peace.


  1. I came across your blog via accidental google and the terrible negativity of it stuck with me for days. You seem consumed by bitterness about your partner's ex-wife and full of contempt for your partner. Nurturing these feelings can only blight your life and the lives of those around you. No matter what this woman does you have a choice as to how you react and you are letting it dominate your thinking. Put your energy into something more positive, let her have the damned tent and let your partner handle the financial side on his own.

    1. Wow. Thanks for you advice. Still, it is pity you didn't read more posts or maybe it is a lack of understanding on your part. I say quite literally throughout the blog - much of it is wildly exaggerated and written tongue in cheek. Given that I have blogged several times on how my partner laughs his head off while reading it, I'd take the gamble that he knows that contempt is not part of our relationship.
      Astounding that it "stuck with you for days..." This is the internet; it is basically just a good story. But hey, thanks.


Thanks. Better check it out but it should be up today!