Monday, January 9, 2012

As expected, the Squeeze is wagging tomorrow.

I can hear him now...  heavy breathing...  Sighing.
He is in the lounge room;  it's as if the grim reaper is there ripping his lungs out and he is going; not willingly, but as a snuffling martyr.  I should record it so that he can hear just how pathetic it sounds.  It’s not inspiring me to run and get him a hot toddy.  It’s inspiring me to run and get a pillow; to push over his face.
I got home from working hard all day to a house full of mess.   And I’m annoyed since my Kid 1 and his fiancé are about ready to land on us.  Excuse??  Well that was “I was at the doctors”.   This translated to “I went to the other side of town to go to the doctors, which meant I had to take the kid that owes me a fortune and who couldn’t be bothered getting me a Christmas present; out for lunch.
He doesn’t understand the reality of making them understand that you “reap what you sow”.  Idiot.  No wonder those kids treat him like a doormat.  I guess they have learnt from a master; the Harridan.  Having said that, he could and should stop it now.
Sad news for the Moodle is that I’m wagging tomorrow too.
Poor bastard.

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