Friday, January 13, 2012

The Carnival is Over

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Sorry Seekers fans, but it’s the Nick Cave version which is just so much cooler.  Sounds like, although I'm not sure, the one played at the end of Underbelly 1.
Ok, for those that know me, don’t panic…   The Moodle is not off the hook; let loose or in any way running free (poor bastard).  The only thing that is ‘over’ is the peace and tranquillity of these precious weeks we had while the Harridan was in another state on the other side of the country.  It has been bliss.
She is home and as per yesterday’s entry; the demands, rules and orders without doubt, will begin en mass.  Trust me; she can’t help herself.
The Moodle, God love him, is incapable of not only standing up to her, but even planning for an attempted ‘stand up’.   He can’t even pretend to get to his feet before he rolls over!  In my overly organised life where I keep everything important and can actually put my hand on it within seconds, I had suggested that the Squeeze go back through his email and put in the draft folder the emails he had exchanged with the Harridan regarding the maintenance agreement.  He would need them.  They were quite explicit; the gist of them was “this is it, this is what we have agreed to and you should plan for purchasing uniforms/books etc. out of maintenance”.   And there it was, in black and white.  Moodle pays maintenance and school fees; she pays the rest.
You would think that as there was an agreement, all would be well in the world.
Not so.  Nothing is ever in black and white where she is concerned.  She has agreed but I can almost bet that when she received that email, her eyes glazed over and the scorpions did no more than wiggle in her wallet.  In short, she won’t have actually read it and if she did, would have muttered a “we will see” or “I’ll get you my pretty” or some other wicked witch line. 
She will figure that the Moodle will roll over and pay.  She will be banking on this.  I hope to be able to sway him to the side of sanity because we went for a few days to Adelaide for a family thing.  The Harridan went to Perth for weeks and then flew off to Bali for a quick break before flying home.  Doesn’t sound to me as though she adhered to the agreement that they reached, I’m not seeing planned for the “uniforms and books”.
And it will not be cheap.  Hell; new school.  New uniform.
She will have sold the uniform purchased last year by the Squeeze and be expecting him to fund the new uniform while she gets the books as they did last year.  Yeah, that works!  His bill was $800.  Hers $200.  But she changes reality when it suits, i.e.: last year, when Kid 2 went to Vietnam; the Squeeze bought the ticket and she purchased the travel insurance – later she actually said to the Squeeze “I’ve paid as much as you!”   You probably don’t need maths to become an ‘art’ teacher, but hey, anyone should be able to see that his 1.5k beats your $120 hands down – or maybe she figures her kids are morons and can’t work that out...
Well; things should get interesting around here.  But the upside is that when she is not here and the Moodle is not rolling out on his ball – my blogging gets boring!  So at least I’ll have some material to work with!

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