Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And It Begins

The Squeeze and I have quite different views on child rearing. Where I come from, kids are respectful. Don't get me wrong, I've had my share of screaming matches over the years but as a general rule, the kids understood that I was the adult; they were the kid and they should respect that.

Today, my stress levels have been going through the roof as the Squeeze attempts to reason with the kid. There is no reasoning. He argues about everything. From showering to not being allowed to control the television.

We are away and in a small house - this is proving difficult. He is unhappy if the television is not on. Especially the cricket (we are talking test so it goes for days) and if we drive anywhere, there is a carry on because he figures he wants to listen to the cricket so we should have to suck it up and listen to it. News Flash kid. I don't like the cricket and have no intention of rolling over and pandering to tantrums; that's for sure!

Of course the Squeeze's first instinct is to cave which just makes me feel defeated and angry.

We got back from shopping and lugged all the groceries in. The kid hovered at the door so as to run to the TV (ignoring the earlier statement that the cricket would not be on for the afternoon); I paused in the door with my arms full of groceries to ask him to grab the last two bags. They were all of six feet away. 'No.' was the reply. Just like that; then he just pushes into the house.

I don't care if the Harridan is texting instructions for the Squeeze to keep his hygiene regime to himself because the kid needs to 'feel good about himself' (call me stupid, but I think washing would be a first step in the self esteem stakes!) the clean regime will stay!

I didn't take that crap from my kids so I'm not sure why I should have to take it from his

Now I can see... The trouble is about to begin because I'm not sure I can do years of this.

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