Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sumo Wrestlers

It has been damned hot of late.  Summer is in full swing at the moment; the temperature didn’t get below 30 last night.  What the Hell is that about and how is anyone supposed to sleep?
Thinking about the heat and how I suffer in it causes me to think of an old expression my mother used quite a lot while I was growing up.  “You made your bed; lie in it!”  And made my bed I have done.  My relationship with the Squeeze now bares the dubious honour of having made me the fattest I’ve ever been in my life.  We are talking sumo size!  I'm going to have to start wearing a moo.  I'm picturing myself as Homer Simpson in the episode where he realised he could work from home and wear a caftan all day if he got fat enough.  And I never looked good in caftans...
Of course neither of us are anywhere near sumo size, but we may as well be.  Last night while the mercury got stuck around thirty, we lay on the bed like two bloated whales.  Sleeping is an exercise because I was sweating and puffing whenever I rolled over!
Today we started juicing (sigh) and tonight it is boxing.  Why couldn't I have slithered out of slim genes..?

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