Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lazy Days – My Favourite

I have decided I may like New Year’s better than Christmas.   If you think about it, Christmas is a lot of work and far too much money flying out of your wallet.  It’s expensive, alcohol fuelled and there tends to be at least one argument at the dinner table.  Although we didn’t have any disagreements over dinner, we did spend a lot of money on presents and kids and food.
New Year’s Eve for me, started when the boss gave me a half day on Friday.  My brother and his wife came to stay the night and we cooked, drank champagne and laughed our heads off.  The next day, we went out for breakfast, did some shopping; went out for lunch and then they left while I napped in preparation for New Year’s Eve.
Tomorrow, they return for lunch prior to going back to Sydney; so I’m anticipating a long, leisurely lunch.  I look forward to it and love the thought that the Squeeze fits in as though he was made in my family.
This afternoon we had lunch with Kid 1.  The Squeeze was supposed to catch both Kid 1 and 2 today but I suspect Kid 2 is ducking and weaving his calls.  After twenty or more calls went unanswered, I mentioned that the kid is treating him like a debt collector now.  In all probability, this is quite possibly the case.  After all, the Squeeze was stupid enough to purchase their airfares back from Perth the other week and they were supposed to pay him back.  Frankly, I don’t see it happening.
For my mind, I have to wonder what sort of knob buys a one way ticket to Perth and doesn’t organise the return airfare..?  Let alone the fact that they have flown there to attend a Harridan family wedding.  Sorry; but a cousin is pretty low on the food chain; especially when it’s going to cost $1k to attend and they are kids that work in a pub – so don’t earn much.  That isn’t even taking into consideration that they haven’t worked or been paid for the ten days they were gone.
Kid 1 mentioned that he was glad they hadn’t answered and come to lunch as they had been difficult in Perth and they owed him money which he was resigned to losing.
To be honest, this is the worst thing you can ever do in my eyes.  It is theft.  But the fact that they haven’t been working and couldn’t pay a brother what he owed, is indicative that the Squeeze won’t be receiving what he is owed.
So, here we are, funding the Kid for a wedding in Perth which is annoying enough, but not only has he funded the kid, he has now funded the girlfriend.  When you think about it, why wouldn’t they think that was fair.  After all, their mother has treated him like a cash cow since day one; why wouldn’t they?
Today, I wondered how Christmas would be if I was not in his life.  He received a present from me and one from my daughter and son; but nothing from his own children.

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