Monday, January 9, 2012

Games We Play

It doesn’t matter the season or even where we are; the Squeeze does not sleep in.
It is a predictable part of our lives.  Saturday rolls around and I wake briefly while the Squeeze creeps out to the lounge to work on the computer.  He will either have Rage on, volume down low, or large headphones slid over his ears, which kind of gives his round head a teddy bear look.
This morning I woke at 8.30 and was amazed he was still asleep beside me.  The next time I awoke, it was 11.30; a first for us.  Don’t get me wrong, we have woken and made breakfast or at least coffee and then gone back to bed; but that was more customary in the early part of our relationship.  These days for the Squeeze, its wake and go.
Given the day was nearly gone we achieved absolutely nothing.  I got to tidy and then drag him down the street for a walk before coming home to flop on the sofa and watch a scary movie I had hired.  I’ll admit the cover looked strictly B grade, but it was Australian had a few good reviews strategically positioned at the top, in your face - so I thought we should give it ago.
Yes…  It was B grade without doubt.  Just goes to show that you should stick to your gut instinct.  At least it gave me a glimmer of joy when I sent a text to my brother to say “best scary movie ever!!!!!!”  Can’t wait until he wastes a couple of hours on it!

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