Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hair and Teeth

Today, the only thing not hurting on my body is my hair and teeth.   
Who the hell would have anticipated that while punching a bag; literally floating like a butterfly (or maybe a moth) and stinging like a bee – I would use so many damned muscle groups???  Who even knew that I had so many muscle groups?  And therein lies the problem I suspect. 
Many of my muscles have become withered…  Stone like; atrophied!  As the contentedness fat piled on, the muscles seemed to simultaneously put up their feet and give up the ghost.  And they are paying the price for that traitorous behaviour, because they are well and truly screaming today.
Am I going to boxing tonight with the Squeeze?  You bet your ass I am!  If I was missing a lung I’d crawl there on my hands and knees because we all know that if I miss one, I’ll hear about it until doomsday – and worse, he will be at equal visits with me again.  And at the moment, I can feel a tad superior that I went to boxing on a non-boxing night.
I have to admit that I quite like the competitiveness between us.  We both work that little bit harder.  Not just on boxing, but on writing as well.
Other than boxing and writing our world seems to have settled back into our normal routine.  I’m sceptical that the kid will get to see a psychologist as it awaits the outcome of the new school and completion of the first term.  I’m pretty positive that the Harridan will not address the hygiene issue because she can’t see anything wrong with it (don’t ask me what the hell that is about…) and the Squeeze got to mutter a tentative: “maybe we should have the kid this weekend…” at me prior to me shutting that down as swiftly as a guillotine!
Yes, for a second of two I felt guilt but at the end of the day, we just had him for a week and he was bored witless!  Yes… there needs to be father/son bonding; but there needs a bit of relationship time as well.  And for crying out loud, I need weekend time in between visits to clean the place!
And all of those things pale into consideration when the glaring issue that is the kid is not addressed.  We are not his friends and can’t replace his friends; he needs to spend some serious time with kids his own age.  Since myself and my friends had the good sense to breed early, or in some cases, not breed at all; then I just don’t have any kids I can whip on out!
And I think the Squeeze at least, knows and can acknowledge this; not that either of us has the answers…

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