Tuesday, February 7, 2012

As Tears Go By

Moods, writing, hell, just about every single slither of my life can be aligned to music.  There has never been one major moment that doesn’t have some song flying around inside my head to add to or evoke the memory. 
Today’s blog has nothing to do with the Rolling Stones (or Maryanne Faithful); but if I think about time passing, this is the song that floats to the surface of my mind.  Unlike the Squeeze as a music lover, I’m big on the lyric as well as the music.  Both must grab me. 
As Tears Go By certainly fits the bill and as it happens, today’s blog.  Jagger’s melancholy lyrics, even though written as a twenty one year old; for me at least, seem like a metaphor for being old or time passing – So it get’s the gig as your selected background music and can be found by clicking here.
Why am I talking about time passing? Well the Squeeze and I have now spent about 2.5 years together; maybe more.  We’ve lived together for over a year – and yet this idiot still doesn’t seem to be able to get it into his primped, curly, moodle-headed brain, that organization is the key to life! 
Without it, we are doomed!  Like the kid is doomed to a life of Harridan style inability to be on time; will absolutely not hurry, even while we are freaking out and stressing that we are going to be late.
So this week, prior to the weekends kidly visit, the Squeeze and I need to sit and document a few house rules for our side of the world.  Hell, knock yourself out over in velvet land.  Toss apple cores where you will, be late, don’t shower – but in our land, things work differently…
I can’t imagine that this will be fun.  Not the sorting out what “rules” make the list with the Squeeze (probably the most difficult part of the task...), nor the enforcing of them.

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