Thursday, February 23, 2012

I am a Husk

I'm sitting outside in the sun having a break from the boredom of work drama which would appear never ending. The drama is made worse I suspect because being here is hardly my number one choice; but since I can't afford to just sit and write; I'm stuck here.

I didn't even come outside to sit and blog - in fact blogging via iPhone is something I try to avoid. I've been typing my entire adult life and can easily type as fast as I think (which has been known to get me into trouble); so I'm far too impatient to enjoy writing one letter at a time.

I decided to blog because my measly entries have been less than normal; in both size and frequency. I have no idea why but the last week or two have seen me with nothing to say!

Both the Squeeze and my father would laugh uproariously if I mentioned this malady to either of them but I almost feel empty of words.

It scares me that I am becoming a husk. Empty. Wordless.

Having said that, I'm sure I'll find something to say after the Squeeze and I have our discussion on 'what the nut doctor said this time'...

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