Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tent. Maintenance. Give Me.

I thought for a moment, that I had lost my mojo.   And when I thought about it, the whole daughter/muppet extravaganza did knock me sideways.  I mean go figure!  Why aren’t I allowed to kill someone?  I joined a pistol club for crying out loud… And I’m a bloody good shot! 
Yet even as the girl started clawing her way to the top of the pile, I was wary.  It’s hard to just let your kids fall.  Still, like us all, she needs to find her own way.  So I had to stop stressing and let the girl understand where she needs to be and although I can help her get there; I can’t put her there.   She has to do that on her own.
This blog was created as a way for me to vent.  It was supposed to be a funny, light hearted way at looking at complex relationships.  I don’t believe that mine is any more multifarious than what the rest of humanity endures; but then again, I think that all relationships are damned difficult at times.  Step ones add a whole new level of complexity.
In between the girl copping a slap around and a rampage through her apartment and the Squeeze’s boy sending “I’m getting married and becoming a Muslim” texts in the middle of the night, I realised that the Harridan had been uncharacteristically quiet.
Obviously she rolled over this morning and came to the same conclusion so she abruptly set about rerunning past slights through her mind to attack the Squeeze with at the cricket.
And when you are on a roll, you don’t want to pause, that’s for sure.  So even when the kid hurt his back and decided he wouldn’t play cricket, the Harridan certainly didn’t send a “cricket cancelled” text to the Squeeze; choosing instead to sit there, waiting him, like some big… black… spider…
I have always figured that when reality hit her in the face and she saw that things are actually quite harsh in the real world; she would come gunning.   After all, I came along and ruined her perfect world of syphoning. 
So when the spider swung down on her web at cricket this morning, she began her diatribe.  Why isn’t he interested in the kid… in his school…?   Yes; this is the school she didn’t even speak to him about prior to moving him.  It is also the school that the Squeeze has contacted to ask that he receive all newsletters and notifications and arrange payment of fees. 
It is also the same school he has called the kid about on several evenings just to check on how he liked it.  The same school he has muttered about and I have shouted about when the Harridan couldn’t get him there on time for day 2.
From there it was a swift leap to “I’ve called the child support agency over the tent and they said you can’t do that; plus you are not paying me enough”.
The Squeeze, God bless him – told her to bring it.  She bought the tent, as warned and warned and warned again; and if she wanted to take him to the agency for maintenance, do it.
As for me…  I am interested to see what happens if she does.  Because she probably hasn’t worked out that I earn a fair amount more than the Squeeze, but that doesn’t count… there is no “double” income.  There is his.  There is mine.  And I have my own children to worry about. 
And I figure she is focussing on how much she gets in her hand each month…  Choosing to forget about the school fees, the health insurance… the music that he pays.
And I’m pretty certain she’s forgotten about adding the rent she receives for renting out her house and then apartment…  But I sure as Hell haven’t.
This should get interesting…

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