Monday, February 20, 2012

My Guitar Gently Weeps

If you click here you will have the perfect background music for this blog entry.
I guess you are wondering what’s with the Beatles…  (So am I, since I’m actually more of a Stones kind of gal)  But sparing me on is the fact that I’ve started learning the guitar.
I’ve only had two lessons, even though the Squeeze gave me a guitar well over a year ago.  I probably should have started sooner but the reality is I’ve always been kind of partial to the piano.  My whole tortured childhood was spent wanting a piano, to no avail.  My parents knew I wanted one; knew that I wished and prayed and would dash out at every birthday and Christmas, only to find the loungeroom empty.
The reality is that my parents would have loved to get me a piano but they bought up 5 children in a relatively small, 3 bedroom home. (More fool them)   There was no way a piano was going to squeeze its big ass though the door.
Time marches on and I still say every so often “I want a piano!”  Then I set about surfing the net to find one and then I realise that as an adult, my place is no bigger than my parents’ house was, so I’ve gone a full circle of “where the hell do I put it..?”
Then I look to the guitar; sitting in the corner…  Mocking me.
Why hadn’t I picked it up and tinkered..?  Well mostly it is about sheer unadulterated humiliation.  The Squeeze is pretty damned good with the guitar and often picks it up and plays (sometimes he will come to bed with it and serenade me!)
But how the Hell can I compete with that?  Real talent???
And it’s not like I don’t give him enough reasons to roll around the floor laughing at me (except during boxing where I’m always at the ready to spar).  He is always laughing at me and having him snigger while I’m attempting to strum, would seriously piss me off.  This in turn would end up with him wearing my guitar over the back of his head.
So I’m two lessons in and I suspect I should have stuck with a piano.
Why the song..? 
Because last night I was playing his Maton; and I’m pretty sure it was weeping…

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