Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fat City

In full on boxing mode, we watched an old Jeff Bridges movie called Fat City.  You know it is old when Jeff looks like he is in his early twenties; and a skinny early twenties at that; wearing nothing more than boxing gloves and these weird 1970's boxing trunks that looked like modern day women’s netball knickers.
You are probably wondering why I am blogging about an old movie…
Well aside from the boxing theme, it had Stacy Keach in it; also looking pretty young.   He was living with/seeing this utter harridan of a woman who was perpetually drunk and had the worst nasally voice on the planet – and she just; did.. not.. shut.. up.
At one point, Keach, a drunk, pleads with his old trainer to take him back; take him in, help him.  He turns to the trainer and tells him that he is living with a drunk, a veritable shrew.  He says “so help me, every time she opens her mouth, I think I'm going to go crazy!!!  She never shuts up…”
And that was it.  The Squeeze gave me a look and then nearly choked to death on his spleen he laughed so hard.  Bastard.

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