Friday, April 6, 2018

Year of Change

lol oh God.  Lucky I have a sense of humour!!! In September 2014 I was praying for a year of change...   Getting brain damage, moving to Geelong and being out of work wasn't exactly the change I was thinking of!!!  Mind you, I'm not so sure I would change any of it....

This is what I wrote:

I spent most of last year walking around muttering ‘2014 will be the year of change!’

Dad dying and me being single again were not exactly the changes I was thinking of, however; life tosses stuff at you and its deal or no deal.

The only way to cope with ugly stuff is to look at the positives.  Positives in my Dad dying aren’t exactly lying thick on the ground but I am focusing on the fact that I was lucky enough to get a brilliant Dad; and he was a brilliant Dad to me for fifty one years.   If it was a lottery; I won first prize. 

Re being single…  I’m not even thinking about dating again for a while.  There needs to be some sort of ‘repair phase’ before I go down that path.  I’m in no hurry.  Instead, I’m concentrating on changing back to the person I was prior to fitting into the Squeeze’s life. I liked that person. I didn't like the person I was when I was forced to deal with the toad - and I was always wrong; it made me feel like a liar.

This week, it has been well after 9 pm before the television was even turned on.  That is the biggest thing I missed while in a relationship; that blessed silence or music crashing over you as you unwind from work and just cook.

I still have a fair amount to do to finish off the house and some of that will require utes and manly tools but let’s face it, I was always the manly tool person anyhow!  

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